Train More with Less

Instructor-Led Training is critical to your learning strategy, yet your operation still runs on email and spreadsheets? Meet Training Orchestra\’s Training Management System: a more efficient way to manage, track, and sell Training.
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Training, Optimized.

Our Training Management System streamlines your entire training process, letting your teams collaborate effortlessly on session scheduling, resource planning, budget optimization, reporting and more – while handling multiple locations, languages, and currencies with ease.

Maximize your budgets,
increase training revenue

Increase productivity
and optimize resources

Secure your
training activity

Continuously monitor,
analyze and improve


With over 500 customers around the world, Training Orchestra’s Training Management System adapts to meet your operation’s unique needs.

A flexible training management system to meet your unique needs

 Instructor-led Training is engaging and drives retention better than eLearning but it is more costly than it has to be. As more than two-thirds of budgets are often invested in ILT, our training management system helps training organizations significantly reduce operating costs. You can re-invest those savings the way you want – to train more people and innovate learning.

 As a leader in training management systems, Training Orchestra has implemented the industry’s best practices in an easy-to-use unified platform dedicated to the success of your organization. Designed by training professionals for training professionals, our solution is configured to perfectly match the needs of your organization.

“Train more and better with less”

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