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Software (TMS) designed to replace messy spreadsheets. Schedule instructor-led training and manage learning operations efficiently and effectively.

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Training Management Software: Power your training scheduling & operations

What’s running your instructor-led and virtual classroom training? Your training operations shouldn’t be about dusty spreadsheets and complex schedules, it should be efficient, effective, and collaborative. Meet Training Orchestra’s Training Management System Software, the engine that powers end-to-end training for any learning organization — without the mess of spreadsheets.

Whoever you train, Training Orchestra’s TMS is the one solution to serve them all

Whether you’re managing training for your employees, customers, partners, or members, our training management software helps you run your entire training program – for any training audience – in one complete system.

The world’s leading TMS

Training Orchestra recognized as a Strategic Leader for proven ability to deliver an innovative Training Management System solution that solves the challenges of managing complex enterprise-scale instructor-led training operations.

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“Organisations today are always looking for ways to become more efficient, but optimizing training investment whilst also achieving a measurable transformation of business results is hugely challenging, especially in large companies. Training Orchestra continues to be a leading specialist in helping companies deal with the real complexities of running in-person and virtual classroom (vILT) training at scale.”

– David Wilson, CEO, Fosway Group

Your LMS’s Best Friend ♥

No matter what LMS you’re using, are you still managing instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training manually with spreadsheets? Training Orchestra complements your existing learning system to power your entire training program — ILT, vILT, or hybrid — no matter how complex!

TMS & LMS: What’s the Difference?

Transformative ROI of a Training Management System

Transform your training ROI today with the Training Orchestra TMS. Find out how!


increased instructor utilization

Savings in trainers’ costs, by
increasing instructor utilization rates


save money with a training management system

Savings on typical
training budgets


get the best instructors tms

Increase in knowledge retention rate by assigning the best available trainers


Reporting and Analytics for Training Companies

Reduction in the time needed to schedule courses

The world’s leading Training Management System

See why Training Orchestra is continually recognized as the only Strategic Leader & Gold award-winning solution for powering ILT, vILT, and hybrid training operations.

We’ve doubled the amount of training delivered with just half the effort!

– Director of Global Training Events & Operations

See how they did it!

Training operations perfected in 600+ organizations and counting

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Are your training operations still running on spreadsheets?

Why not become efficient and effective? See how Training Orchestra can transform your entire learning organization today!

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Resources to transform your training operations

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Explore our TMS Features Checklist to discover the top 20 features to streamline and enhance your entire training process.

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eBook: Efficient & Effective ILT Operations: Train More with Less

Gain insights into boosting training program efficiency and performance by implementing best practices in training operations.

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Training Management Software FAQs

What is training management software?

Training Management Software (TMS) is specialized software designed to meet the needs of learning and development teams to maintain training programs. Training management software functions at a higher level than a course management system. Among other functions, the TMS assists L&D teams to schedule courses, assign instructors, and maintain training budgets. By becoming the central hub of your training operation, a TMS like Training Orchestra aims to significantly reduce back-office administration tasks like manually checking spreadsheets for instructor or resource availability.

Why is training management software needed?

Relying on manual processes and tasks to manage a training program is possible however it’s not the most practical or efficient method for a majority of organizations. When a training admin team relies on using various spreadsheets and databases to manage how its training resources (i.e. schedules, instructors, financials) for how a course will be rolled out, there tends to be a significant amount of error due to communication issues between stakeholders due to a lack of centrality.

Training management software thus aims to reduce human error and the amount of time spent on fact-checking spreadsheets. In return, everyone in your training process pipeline is able to be on the same page on where things are at from schedules and calendars to financial documents and course materials. What’s even better? Instead of focusing on making sure schedules are right, you and your admin team can now focus on delivering a quality program that delivers results and business!

Who uses training management software?

Training management software is primarily used by learning and development (L&D) departments, professional training companies, extended enterprise training teams, and in-house training providers.

The need to implement training management software developed as training teams within organizations needed a more scalable and efficient way to plan, deploy, and manage learning for personnel of various sizes.

Whether you’re a training company that’s poised to sell the best-in-class training for a particular discipline or a training manager that’s mapping out how to reskill your company’s department, utilization of a TMS will allow you and your team to get all your resources in sync so you can provide effective and quality courses without the headache.

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