Software to Manage Apprenticeship Training

Training Orchestra’s unique Apprenticeship Management Software is designed to scale the coordination of in-person training for apprentices into a fast, easy, and efficient workflow. What happens when you manage apprenticeship programs using Training Orchestra? Reduced administrative work for scheduling training, a reduction of costs, and better tracking of how you keep up with training requirements and regulations for your apprentices.

Our core Training Management System for Apprentice Training makes it easy to schedule in-person instructor led training for groups of apprentices or one-on-one training sessions with dedicated subject matter experts in your orgnaization. Quickly assign instructors, manage your apprentices’ resources for learning all in ine easy to use software.

Schedule In-Person Training Fast and Efficiently

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Streamline the Efficiency of Apprenticeship Program Management


The way you manage apprenticeship training programs. From assigning dedicated trainers to apprentices to scheduling training reviews.


Scheduling trainers and subject matter experts to meet with your apprentices for on-the-job training sessions.


Reminders and notifications of upcoming on-the-job training for apprentices and required tasks.


Issues in seconds! Easy to use color-coded sheets allow you to track needed components for your apprentices’ training.

Manage Your Apprenticeship Funding & Costs


Individual projects to track funding and costs for each apprenticeship program.


Expenditures for future training events based on number of apprentices and resources needed.


Third-party learning software and other data to centralize your apprenticeship HQ.


Budgetary issues with instructor schedules and availability so you can complete on-the-job training.

Software for Professional Development & Apprenticeship Programs

Training Orchestra provides tools to streamline your workforce development program that receives public fudning including:


Fundacion Tripartita

Apprenticeship Levy

Compte Personnel de Formation

Integrate Learning Technologies and Apprenticeship Databases


Your current system for managing apprenticeships with a full-suite of tools with the dedicated system to manage instructor-led training operations for apprenticeships.


Other learning software including your LMS and LXP to improve the professional development experince of your apprentices.


With your learning tech ecosystem through standard connectors.


Faster processes for documentation for legal regulations on professional and work force development programs. See our comprehensive list here.

Instructor and Resource Management Tools


Utilization rate and other metrics for your trainers, instructors, and subject-matter experts.


Vacant training events and courses that need an instructor to guide apprentices.


Transparent schedules of instructors and trainers during an apprenticeship training cycle.


Resources for on-site training events with apprentices including equipment use and facilities reservations.

Why Training Orchestra?

Continuous Improvement

Simply put, we love to innovate. Our R&D teams are constantly working on innovations and ways to improve our training scheduling software

Around the Clock Availability

Get instant support worldwide with dedicated customer support on technical issues.

Trusted and Industry Approved

For 20 years, our training scheduling and tracking software has been leveraging best practices from over 600 customers worldwide

WFS and Airport College both chose Training Orchestra for its clear benefits and adaptability to our company’s changing requirements.

– Executive VP, Worldwide Flight Services

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Apprenticeship Program Management Software FAQs

How can training management software help improve managing funding for apprenticeship programs?

Training Management Software provides robust financial tracking, ensuring efficient management of funding allocations. This feature helps monitor expenditures, maintain budget compliance, and offers detailed insights into financial performance.

How can a training management system improve documentation processes for apprenticeship programs?

Training Orchestra simplifies documentation of apprenticeship training and regulatory records by centralizing trainnig records, progress reports, and certification documents. This ensures easy access, organization, and compliance, reducing administrative overhead in apprenticeship program management.

Can Training Orchestra optimize scheduling for face-to-face and on the job training sessions within apprenticeship programs?

Yes, the software’s scheduling features facilitate efficient coordination for instructor-led training sessions. These can be training sessions that are either on the job or taught in a traditional classroom. The easy-to-use interface along with the real-time indicators make it easy for program directors and training managers tp easily identify and resolvee scheduling issues or training assignment to instructors. The result? An seamless and efficient apprentice learning experience!