Future of instructor-led training ILT with Training OrchestraInstructor-led training represents almost 70% of training budgets according to ATD. Why then, do we so rarely speak about innovation in ILT? Is the classroom obsolete?

Not so, according to a Brandon Hall Group study. Instructor-led training (ILT) is still the most widely used and most effective training delivery method. For example, 56% of ILT modules are deemed highly effective against 21 percent for e-learning.

So how do we innovate in classroom training? Can the same principals be applied to Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)? We may first think of connected classrooms and collaborative experiences. But those represent only the “tip of the iceburg”. And what many companies are still missing, is the huge portion that lays immersed underwater and unseen. Think of the enormous amount of back-office operational processes needed to plan, manage resources, forecast and report on classroom training. The reality is that much of these processes are still managed manually in spreadsheets… the good news is that this is an area where there’s huge opportunity for progress. 

Read the article, Bringing the Classroom into the Future: It’s Not All About the Learner, originally published on TrainingIndustry and find out what opportunities can help you bring your instructor-led training or virtual instructor-led training operations into the future.

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