Real-Time Cost and Budget Tracking for
Your Entire Training Program

Keeping the training budget on track while manually trying to capture all your costs can feel like a moving target! Why not make data capture efficient and accurate so you can hit the mark every time?

Training Orchestra’s training management system software finally gives training providers the powerful budget, forecasting and cost tracking tools needed to optimize budgets and prove ROI for the training investment – all in one single system.


Budgeting for Global Training

Wherever you and your team are in the world, ensure projects are kept within scope and managed in the correct currency. Training Orchestra allows teams to manage multiple budgets, currencies, and geos for training programs that transcend borders.

Real-Time Cost Tracking

Reach your goals faster with powerful budget and cost tracking. Customizable dashboards and graphical views give you full transparency of current and forecasted costs at a glance — letting you know where you can optimize for your program’s success.

Sales & Profitability Monitoring

Know your bottom line and how your training operation is performing per client and course. A performance analytics dashboard, real-time enrollment tracking, and sales data, team up to provide deep insight into the biggest areas of profit and potential for growth

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Training Budget & Cost Tracking Tools FAQs

Can project management software be used to keep track of my training expenses?

Yes, but also no. For most training companies, cost tracking is usually recorded via their CRM and/or project management software.  Most administrators think this makes sense since your CRM/PM tool serves as the record of note for all things related to your training audience. However, when a back-office team manages large budgets for multiple courses and clients, it’s best to keep budgeting information with the same system that’s used to task and schedule training.

Because of a multi-layered admin system using different types of software, it’s not uncommon to have training teams finding mismatched budgeting information between one record on the CRM and another from the client database. A TMS with an integrated budget and cost-tracking tool ensures that there’s full transparency on budget spend and projected expenses for your future courses.

How can I integrate historical financial data into the tracking tool?

Whether you want to use our  API integration with your current cost-tracking software or decide to upload a set of spreadsheets containing previous budget expenses, we make it simple so you plan a more effective training budget for your next course. Once connected to the TMS, our reporting and analytics tool will allow you to visualize and decide the best the most feasible budget for your training program.

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