Our Vision

At Training Orchestra, we believe that training management shouldn’t be about dusty financial spreadsheets and complex schedules: it
is the engine that powers your training organization. Training management should be effortless, efficient, and collaborative.

That’s why for 16 years, we’ve been inventing new and more efficient ways to manage, track and sell training with our training administration system. Our goal is to bring this to you to help you get the most impact from your training.

A History of Training
Innovation and Excellence


Stephane Pineau

CEO, Founder

Stephane is on a personal mission to help organizations apply technology to optimize their training operations and make a big impact on their business.

Laetitia Nourry

COO, Founder

Laetitia is General Manager and Chief Do-er at Training Orchestra. Developing innovative software and helping customers achieve success are her greatest passions.

Xavier Seres


Xavier heads up Finance and HR. Prior to this, he consulted with many global organizations on business process improvement and digital transformation.

Abdel-Jabar Sebbar

CTO, Founder

Abdel-Jabar translates our client’s optimization requirements into inventive and creative technological solutions with our Training Administration System.

Sandra Marzec


With a deep knowledge of our clients and solutions, Sandra protects us while innovating by managing the challenges of Security and Data Privacy Regulations.

Ahmed Frikha

Product Manager

Ahmed has a deep understanding of customer experience and is passionate about building software products that users love.

Pete Olyarchuk

Sales Director, US and Canada

Pete loves great technology and working closely with clients so they can Train More with Less. He has been helping organizations find and fit the right technology solutions for over 15 years.

Antoine Lorne

Sales Director, Europe and Asia

As an expert in training management tools, Antoine has been advising and assisting training managers for more than 8 years in selecting the best solutions for their unique needs.

Minh Poirier

Partner Success Manager

Combining his vast awareness of key industry players with his product expertise, Minh can quickly pinpoint business objectives and design pertinent solutions for partners and clients alike.