Training Orchestra’s Course Calendar Management System:
An all-in-one versatile tool to build fully integrated, modernized training schedules

Is it a struggle to unify and create a training calendar for your company (L&D department), partner training network, or training company? Instead of fumbling through trying to create the best vILT / ILT calendar for all involved, a new way to organize and manage your training course calendars and logistics is just a click away. Training Orchestra’s Course Calendar Management System offers a flexible, versatile solution designed to streamline the process of planning and scheduling training activities. With real-time reminders and alerts, you can stay up to date as you manage and track your upcoming classroom and virtual instructor-led training (ILT / vILT) courses, trainers, reporting and more—all in one tool.

With smooth integration with your LMS, website, and other technologies, say goodbye to manual and disconnected solutions, and hello to a faster, more efficient training course management process for your organization or partner training network. Training Orchestra’s Course Calendar Management System lets you benefit from best practices from over 600 satisfied clients worldwide.

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Course Calendar Management Tool: Discover the easiest, most efficient way to schedule, manage, and deliver your training courses

Simplified Course

Calendar Views


Your training course scheduling, activities and resources in one place: instructors, rooms, equipment…


Easily with instructors and team members by syncing all courses and instructor schedules together (vILT / ILT calendar)


Your company training calendar with real-time alerts and updates on all sessions


The entirety of your organization’s training activity in multiple timeline and agenda views


Course Scheduling 


An error-free schedule in minutes with a graphical drag-and-drop agenda, instantly updated across all terminals


Session status, instructors, and resources automatically through custom color codes and easily identify conflicts


Smarter schedules with live indicators set to your preferences 


All course calendars with pre-designed rules to quickly fix any errors 

Greater Control Over Costs,

Resources, and More


Your course calendar management system with your LMS, CRM, and other technologies


Notifications and reminders so you’ll never miss another important scheduling task again


Your calendar views, dashboards, and preferences to make the most of a plan tailored to your workflow


Greater visibility and control over where all resources, equipment, and budget are allocated

Comprehensive Performance Tracking, Budget Monitoring, and Reporting


Ready-to-go reports for your trainers and teammates in just a few clicks


Your training scheduling needs based on past data and important KPIs through personalized dashboards


Internal data quickly and securely through a unified repository


Budget and performance for all trainers and sessions to make the most of your time and resources 

Why Training Orchestra’s Course Calendar Management System?

Innovation and Modernization 

Innovation and modernization are part of our DNA: our R&D teams are constantly working on improvements to our solutions

Global Support 

We bring 24/7 worldwide support to adapt to your organization or partner training network activity and grow with your needs

Established Training Scheduling System 

With over 20 years of experience, we leverage best practices from over 600 customers, including some of the largest training partner networks, training companies, and businesses worldwide

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