Powering Smooth Operations

Figuring out the ins and outs of a new software solution can feel overwhelming. That’s why our experts offer ongoing advice and support to help you make the most of your Training Orchestra training administration software, from day one onward.

Getting started with Training Orchestra

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As early as day 1, you get full access to Training Orchestra and leverage a wide range of available pre-configurations based on industry best-practice.

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Your project manager reviews your goals and requirements, and makes recommendations to make the most of your training administration software.

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As members of our user club, your teams can access customized training courses, attend our user conferences, follow product updates, and benefit from 24/7 support.

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Your training administration software system implementation

CUSTOMIZE We organize workshops with your teams to understand your unique processes, requirements and goals. Your project manager then works with you to define necessary configurations and provides best practices to optimize your system. CONNECT We guide you through a quick and seamless integration of Training Orchestra into your existing environnement. Our experts ensure that all the necessary interfaces are set up through standard APIs, and data are securely migrated. GET UP TO SPEED We deliver contextualised training sessions to help your teams be quickly operational on the training administration system. Attendees practice real-life situations directly with your specific configurations and data, and get access to all training materials.

Customer Success Team

Our experts are not only technical virtuoso, they get you. With an extensive experience in the training industry, they have acquired best practices from training professionals all over the world in many different industries, which they leverage to deliver the most pertinent solutions adapted to your activity.

Featured Team Members


Quality and support controller

"I used to be in a client position before, so I really understand what our clients expect, and I'm here to ensure that Training Orchestra delivers 100% on these expectations ”


Project manager

"Whether we’re talking data reliability, effective interfaces or custom configurations, I ensure that you get the most powerful and reliable solution tailored to your needs.”



We recommend custom solutions to optimize your processes and enhance training performance. Our experts provide actionable advice adapted to your industry, organizational structure and business goals.


We guide you through a fast and successful adoption by providing a wide range of training sessions based on your specific configuration, ensuring buy-in and empowering your teams to adopt best-practices.


Our quality and support team provides a unique touchpoint to guide you through product updates, listen to your needs through our 24/7 Center of Excellence, and incorporate your inputs into our product vision.


Leverage our wide network of Managed Learning Services providers, all of whom have extensive experience in using our training administration software system to optimize the whole learning function.