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Training Orchestra’s Employee Training Software for L&D Departments offers the most comprehensive solution to manage the whole training process. With a collaborative portal, automated administrative processes, powerful analytical tools, and seamless integration with your existing systems, Training Orchestra helps L&D staff optimize their time, allocate resources efficiently, and improve the quality of service provided to employees. Available in the cloud or on premises, Training Orchestra’s Employee Training Software for corporate training integrates the best practices from over 600 satisfied clients in a single solution, with over $6 billion of optimized training budgets.

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Training Departments: Optimize your employee training processes, effortlessly.

Cost Control and Budget
Maximization with our Corporate
Training Software


Session costs based on resource usage and occupancy rates, and access cost-breakdown directly from your schedule


Expenses for each training action and compute consolidated training expenses


Future training volume by employee, project or training course, and transfer it directly to your budget


Your remaining budget, compare it to your forecast and monitor it with custom indicators

Logistics and Resources


The perfect schedule with the graphical drag-and-drop agenda, instantly updated across all terminals


All venues, instructors and equipment in the system and match them to your sessions 


Real-time alerts on conflicts and track session status through custom color-codes


Your whole training activity in one place and monitor session occupancy rates to optimize every training event

Increased Productivity with Training Orchestra’s Corporate Employee Training Software


Registrations, waitlists and cancellations, and broadcast information in seconds to all your trainees


And track all actions needed before and after each session through personalized to-do lists


Edit and store administrative documents, updated across all terminals


In real-time through shared dashboards, and real-time communication terminals

Reporting and Business


Processes across business units, languages and currencies, and ensure conformity 


Key KPIs and top priorities in real time through personalized dashboards


All internal data securely through a centralized repository


Your activity by generating ready-to-go reports in minutes or creating custom templates

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We save money while gaining more flexibility, efficiency, and professionalism. Our training offer supports the development of our employees as well as the performance of the company.

Christophe Guillery

Training Director, Areva

Why Training Orchestra’s Employee Training Software?

Worldwide support

We bring the flexibility and support to adapt our corporate training software to your activity and grow with your needs thanks to our highly competent project managers

Continuous innovation

Innovation is part of our DNA. Thus our R&D teams constantly work on new innovations that are integrated natively in our solution

Proven Employee Training
Software Solution

Our proven employee training software leverages best practices from over 600 customers, including some of the world leading companies in their field doing corporate training

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