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Live Session by Peter Olyarchuk : LMS + TMS: A Love Affair for Learning Operations Success 

Tuesday, February 13, 2024 at 1:15pm eastern

Just like it takes two to tango, it takes both a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Training Management System (TMS) to make learning programs successful. Yet for most L&D professionals, when it comes to managing instructor-led training (ILT) and vILT, the only tools they’re pairing with their LMS are xls spreadsheets – which doesn’t quite make for the best love story of all time.

Explore training operations through the lens of the LMS + TMS and see how this powerful couple ignites transformation. We’ll breakdown:

  • What makes a modern learning tech stack
  • What is Training Operations
  • How one company doubled the amount of training delivered with just half the effort, with a TMS + LMS. 

Join us to transform your training operations!

About Training Orchestra

For over 20 years, Training Orchestra has helped over 600 organizations worldwide address training management issues for companies of all industries. From virtual and in-person learning instruction to managing hybrid learning operations for global companies, we’ve crafted the perfect training management system to address the most critical needs of learning professionals and training departments.

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