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Mission Critical! How to Enable Your Organization to Win at Reskilling with Fosway Group

Webinar | June 29, 2022 | REGISTER HERE
with Fosway & Training Orchestra

Skills training is business-critical for many learning organizations today and there’s a big need do it well. But in the skills conversation, we don’t often go beyond the learner to strategically address how to enable our teams get the job done faster, on-budget and with less headache. So, just how can we optimize and better organize the execution?

Join Jennifer Rogers, Head of Learning RPM Living and Executive Officer at IEEE, David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group and Stephan Pineau, CEO of Training Orchestra as they expand on the skills conversation. From delivering the right training at the right time, identifying the best instructors for the job, to resource management, data and cost tracking — skills enablement can no longer be ignored. You’ll learn:

Discussion topics include:

  1. Key highlights from Fosway’s latest report, The Reskilling Revolution
  2. Why skills enablement must be addressed now
  3. Solutions and tools that can help you succeed
  4. How RPM Living is optimizing and organizing their skills training for a rapidly growing workforce