webinar ilt in the new today accelerating training transformation

Webinar | ILT in the “New Today”: Accelerating Training Transformation with Your Learning Technology

Join Training Orchestra & Docebo at Docebo’s “Road to Inspire” webinar series.

In the “new today”, the transformation of Instructor-Led Training is much more than just moving to Zoom—this overly simplistic view doesn’t capture the reality we’re experiencing right now. As McKinsey & Company recently said, “this is the time for organizations to double down on their learning budgets.” ILT is at the core of this commitment, leading the transformation. But, it has to be fully reinvented and supported by the right technologies.

Join Training Orchestra and find out what we’re seeing from clients who are reopening in Asia, Europe and the US, and the critical role that learning technology plays in accelerating the ILT/VILT transformation. You’ll learn:

  • What’s trending in the “New Today”: The state of ILT/VILT
  • How to deal with the drastic increase in complexity of ILT/VILT
  • Why ILT/VILT is booming and is at the core of the transformation
  • How to manage the strong financial pressure to do more training with less investment
  • What learning technologies can support ILT/VILT in the “new today”

Speaker: Stephan Pineau, CEO, Training Orchestra

Host: Rob Ayre, Customer Marketing Manager, Docebo

Watch the On-Demand Replay: 

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