Visit Training Orchestra in London at Learning Technologies UK, May 3-4, 2022—Stand E15.

We look forward to showing you how to greatly reduce the costs of face-to-face and virtual classroom training by automating and optimizing your training operations and addressing the complexities found in: session scheduling, resource management, instructor collaboration, cost tracking and reporting, with a Training Resource Management System!

Live sessions

1. Transforming Training Operations: Simplify Training Scheduling for Your In-Person and vILT Training

Bitesize Learning Zone 1, 3rd May, 15:15- 15:30 with Thomas Bessonneau

Left to manage classroom and virtual classroom training manually, organisations are leaving behind huge opportunities for innovation and cost savings. From optimising session scheduling, resource use, and instructor collaboration to budgeting and reporting — what can be done to make classroom training operations shiny and new?

Find out how to transform your training operations and augment your LMS with a Training Resource Management System (TRMS). During this Learning Zone presentation, you’ll see Training Orchestra’s TRMS in action and find out how it can add value to your organisation. Join us!

• Streamline session scheduling and resource use such as classrooms, instructors, and equipment

• Optimise your training investment to better manage training as a business

• Gain visibility into your training operations with the right data to make the best business decisions

• And more!

2. Reimagining Learning Operations to Train More with Less

Seminar Theatre 2, 3rd May, 16:15- 16:45 with Peter Olyarchuk

With our new hybrid workforces, organisations are transitioning to a hybrid approach to training that includes a solid mix of in-person and virtual classroom training — and age-old learning resource management challenges have returned in force. Resorting to spreadsheet management of this critical function has become a clear prescription for failure.

As more than 75% of training organizations are anticipating reductions in both learning budget and dedicated headcount, according to Brandon Hall Group research, training still must take place. So, what can be done?

Find out why a strong focus on training operations, the engine powering your training, will empower your teams to do more, and train more, with less. In this session we’ll cover:

  • What is Training Operations and why should you care?
    • What are the key things to think about when building a Training Ops strategy?
    • Beyond your LMS, how do you create a modern end-to-end Training Ops environment to train more with less?


You can contact us today to pre-arrange a meeting or a live personalized demo. Or, just stop by and see us—we look forward to talking with you!

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