Scaling Talent Development For A Global Workforce

Businesses have surpassed their domestic boundaries and have entered the global arena. With organizations operating in multiple cities and countries, human resources and L&D teams have found it challenging to keep their professional workforce sharper than ever. The biggest factor in learning operations today is what is the most efficient way to manage training protocols for a team that isn’t even in the same building, let alone the same city or country.

Experienced L&D teams know the benefits of their training protocols and strategy. But how do even the most seasoned of training and development professionals manage an organization with a global workforce, both in-person and in remote environments?

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scaling training for global workforces

L&D Challenges for Organizations with a Global Presence

The logistics of learning have gone global and as a result training specialists must take into consideration both learner needs as well as training program needs. 

What should learning teams take into account when starting a training program that goes beyond borders?

  • Learner preferences – Using historical data and site-specific surveys, how do your learners prefer to be instructed? Take into account learning methods. 
  • Time zones and geographical locations – What are the most optimal times to deliver training so that the most learners are served? Which trainers of instructors are available in the area?
  • Training needs analysis – Using learner data, identify where learners need training. Evaluate the need to refresh professional skills or examine business cases where entirely new skills will be needed. 
  • Trainer and SME availability and caliber – Evaluate the location and availability of both full-time and part-time trainers and instructors to lead courses. Can they accommodate just several learners or a full classroom? Are they qualified to lead courses? If there are none, is there an internal or external subject matter expert who can provide training and guidance to learners?
  • Compliance and regulatory training – L&D teams must ensure that training is unique not just to organizational and industry standards but also to local government regulations in the person’s country of residence.

Designed to Meet the Needs of Global Learning Program Management

Scheduling live training sessions for global workforces involves balancing learning resources and locations.

Training Orchestra helps you manage the most critical aspects when it comes to global learning management.

manage training schedules for global teams

Coordinate Training Schedules

Ensure training sessions are staffed with instructors and delivered on time – regardless of location or time zone.

tracking learing analytics

Measure Learning Analytics

Understand the direction of your training program and make changes to your learning strategy.

budget tracking for global training

Track Costs for Global Learning Programs

Keep your training budgets under threshold for all programs across multiple cities and countries.

Coordinate Training Schedules based on Time Zone and Location

Whether your choose to plan instructor-led training in-person or virtually online, Training Orchestra allows you to ensure course schedules are in-sync with the same programs across the globe. Easily track course program timelines for multiple training locations.


training schedule management

Location-Based Dashboard to Coordinate Each Training Program

Managing training for a global workforce has factors that aren’t easily seen by a domestic L&D team. Training Orchestra allows you to manage multiple training programs across the globe seamlessly.

  • Training Budget and Costs: Measure training costs to reflect local currency and adjust accordingly to total training budget.
  • Language Input: Change language to reflect the local language of training.
  • Training Regulations: Ensure training protocols are aligned with your training strategy as well as local government requirements.

Software for Managing Global Training Programs

How does Training Orchestra support learning and development departments to implement training programs on a global scale?

Training Orchestra serves as a complementary software to most learning management systems used in global training programs.

As the training management system consistently designated as a Fosway Group strategic leader, Training Orchestra gives learning specialists the tools to manage all aspects back-office training on an enterprise level scale.

Can Training Orchestra adapt to the unique needs and preferences of different global training audiences?

Yes, Training Orchestra offers flexibility and customization options to cater to diverse training requirements and preferences. Whether it’s delivering training in multiple languages, accommodating different learning formats, or adjusting schedules to accommodate varying time zones, Training Orchestra empowers organizations to tailor their training programs to meet the needs of global audiences effectively.

What tools does a TMS have to manage learning programs with multiple training sites?

Given the scope of training provided for any organization, it can be difficult to monitor, organize, and improve the L&D delivery for one let alone multiple programs.

Training Orchestra provides training coordinators with the tools they need to manage a high volume of training sessions across multiple sites of instruction including:

By providing learning professionals the tools to better manage their training functions, training programs catered to a global workforce are delivered faster and efficiently, without compromising learner satisfaction or professional development goals.

Train More With Less

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