The Challenge: Managing your ILT and vILT operations in siloed, disconnected tools

With so many day-to-day responsibilities, overseeing classroom and virtual instructor-led training operations can be quite the hassle when managed in separate, disconnected systems. With virtual instructor-led training more prevalent in our new today, discontinued sessions and managing new roles, trainers, rooms, and equipment can be time consuming and costly. Are you and your team losing out on valuable time with back and forth communication, toggling between XLS spreadsheets, losing track of administrative documents, and the like? Whether it be scheduling your trainers and resources, keeping track of your tasks and registrations, or managing other operational processes, siloed work is cumbersome and inefficient. Many organizations have the best LMS but have no foundational system to support their back-office training operations. Gain back time to focus on what matters most for your ILT and vILT training operations with a solution designed to support modern training operations.

The Solution: A Training Management System to streamline even the most complicated training operations management needs

Why suffer through administrative headaches and inefficient processes when you could be automating your ILT and vILT operations in one centralized system? Meet Training Orchestra’s Training Management System: your go-to solution for all of your most pressing training operations and logistics needs. Make crucial processes such as training scheduling, task management, internal collaboration, global operations, and compliance a breeze. Training Orchestra provides an all-in-one solution that covers all of your training operations needs, so you can sit back and allow our system to do the heavy back-office lifting.

Key Training Management System features for your most pressing ILT and vILT operational challenges

Ready to re-imagine your entire training management process? These key features will allow your teams to collaborate seamlessly on ILT and vILT operations and logistics—all while handling multiple locations, languages, and currencies with ease.

  1. Task management and to-do list consolidation
    Tired of juggling all of your important tasks and to-do lists in different documents? Task management allows you to eliminate manual work by reviewing and prioritizing all tasks  and deadlines in one dynamic platform for quick and easy management. Plus, increase the productivity and reliability of your administrative processes and save hours of manual work with to-do list consolidation, which allows you to easily track, consolidate and collaborate on all to-do lists needed before and after each training session.
  2. Internal collaboration
    Collaborating across multiple teams, especially when managing global operations, and external stakeholders can be a huge challenge. A solution that allows for real-time, reliable, and internal collaboration across all teams is right at your fingertips. With this capability, you can tailor your dashboards with relevant and live indicators for each team member to have instant visibility over your tasks at hand.
  3. Conflict-free scheduling 

    With a high-level view of your training sessions and activities, you can quickly and easily drag and drop your sessions, instructors, and resources all into the right place and time. And, with live error indicators, you can always guarantee a conflict-free schedule tailored to your preferences.

  4. Automated administration
    It’s time to leave repetitive, operational tasks in the past, and focus on what matters most for your training operations. Reduce your workload by automating administrative processes such as the production of documents, sending invitations to instructors, and collaborating on tasks, all while easing communication with your team, customers, and partners in one robust system.
  5. Resource management
    Save hours of manual work by increasing visibility and control over your resources. With customizable timeline and agenda views, you can schedule and integrate any type of resource (instructors, producers, rooms, equipment) and carefully monitor usage rates to make the most of your resources and meet your goals more easily.
  6. Regulation and Compliance Monitoring
    For companies that operate globally or in a high-consequence industry, we know that the ability to handle multiple, complex legal requirements is a critical functionality. This is often time-consuming and difficult to track. With this feature, you can ensure legal compliance within a multi-subsidiary environment, integrating and consolidating all local training requirements.
  7. Global Language and Currency Support

    To efficiently manage global operations, you need a system to support multiple languages and currencies as well as the ability to manage regulations at the state, country and industry level. This feature also allows for visibility over your activities at different levels: enterprise-wide and broken down by countries or business units.

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 Industry awards & recognition for our Training Management Software

Training Industry names Training Orchestra to its Top 20 Training Delivery Companies list for three consecutive years – 2019, 2018 & 2017.

training orchestra's training management software named a Top 20 Training Delivery Companies list for three consecutive years

Training Orchestra wins for Best Advance in ILT Management & Delivery by Brandon Hall Group –  2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 & 2015.

Training Orchestra wins Gold Excellence in Tech Award

Training Orchestra named a Strategic Leader in Fosway’s 2021 9-Grid for Learning Systems. Recognized also in 2020, 2019, and 2018.

Training Orchestra Training Management System Strategic Leader

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