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David Wentworth
Principal Learning Analyst
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Hybrid Work Needs a Human Touch…

By guest author and Principal Learning Analyst, David Wentworth of Brandon Hall Group

In recent years, there has been growing interest in hybrid working and learning. However, interest doesn’t always equate to action, and many organizations have struggled to reinvent their traditional in-person training strategies and processes. Despite the huge growth of virtual learning, particularly in the past several years, we still have some way to go before hybrid learning, combining in-person and virtual training, is optimized for both the business and the learner.

Before the pandemic, organizations already struggled with managing a mix of in-person and virtual learning programs but there was never much impetus to move away from a very event-driven, in-person approach. For perspective, Brandon Hall Group’s 2019 Learner Experience Study found that 97% of companies leveraged in-person, instructor-led training to at least some degree, with more than two-thirds using it “very often” or “always.” Aside from eLearning modules, no other modality even came close.

Moving Learning Processes Forward – For Both the Business and the Learner

The past two years have seen that paradigm turned on its head. Suddenly, there was no ILT and companies scrambled to replace it with a variety of digital and virtual alternatives. As the dust settles, things will not go back to the way they were. Even as people continue to return to the workplace, the contingent of remote workers will be large enough that companies must adjust their strategies and processes to meet their needs.

For learning, that means creating programs that can engage learners, whether they are on-site or remote, or alternate between the two. For the business, this means a lot of moving parts, multiple solutions, and potential administrative headaches. According to Brandon Hall Group’s Learning for the Hybrid Workforce Survey, the top challenges to delivering engaging learning in this environment include:

  • Not enough time
  • Inadequate technology
  • Budget constraints
  • Not enough headcount

Hybrid Learning Solutions

Organizations will need better technology to see them through. Besides being cited as a challenge on its own, easy-to-use technology that provides opportunities for automation can address other challenges as well. Learning is asked to do more with less than ever before and it won’t get done without the right strategy, approach, and technology to make it all work.

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David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group


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