Paper-based record keeping and spreadsheets have long been used to manage required training for scientists and technicians working in the life sciences along with those working in biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, medical devices manufacturing, and clinical trials. Included in this collection of spreadsheets are not only the records of each individual employee’s past completed training but also the upcoming training schedules to be released for employees to complete. Typically, it is the responsibility of lab supervisors and department managers to ensure that each employee is cleared to continue working on research or design projects under federal and state regulations.

As companies and labs operating in biotechnology and healthcare expand into new cities and perhaps even different countries, one can imagine how tedious it can be to keep up with required compliance training for every employee. As a result, this “system” of seemingly endless Excel spreadsheets and Word documents acting as a source of record for the company quickly proves to be inefficient in the long run due to the time-consuming process of auditing each employee’s record and the cumbersome process of matching instructors to available courses.

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Everything was so manual before Training Orchestra. Our teams were working 80 hours per week, just to support our training and minimal growth. Now, everyone is at 40 hours per week, and we have doubled the amount of training that we do! I can’t even express the amount of gratitude I have for the automation generated by Training Orchestra for our instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs.

– Director of Global Events & Operations, ACI Learning

Training Management Software for Life Sciences & BioTech Companies

schedule training for your franchise locations

Plan & Schedule Training Sessions
Get ahead of compliance audits by scheduling your training program in the most efficient way possible. Fill out course requirements and deploy each program’s courses in a timely manner. Utilize instructor-led courses taught in-person and online or opt into using a hybrid learning approach.


instructor management for franchises

Manage Instructors and Trainers
The right instructor – every time. Whether you choose to do ILT or vILT for your compliance training courses, instructor selection is easier than ever with advanced filters that let you choose by area of expertise, language of instruction, certifications & licenses, and years of experience teaching compliance and regulation management.

easy communication with biotech training instructors

Stay on Top of Compliance
Keep your biotech or pharmaceutical company in good standing throughout the year. Acquire and sustain CGMP compliance without the risk of strikes from regulating bodies including the FDA. Automated tasks notify lab supervisors and your L&D team when training needs to be completed.


track costs and and budgets for biotech training

Track Performance and Progression
Integrated analytics and insights allow your L&D team to measure the progress each employee is making toward the completion of a course or mandated certification. Milestone tracking lets you know how many more modules need to be completed for each course while custom KPIs give you insight on where your team needs improvement.

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