It takes a lot out of your back-office team to schedule training for employees in the energy sector. Whether you’re managing a team of petroleum engineers in an oil refinery in the middle of the ocean or developing a rollout of solar panels in an open field in the desert, the energy industry is a sector that can’t afford to have under-trained personnel, let alone an exhausted training team.

Scheduling onboarding training or skills workshops should be as efficient as the energy your company helps to produce. Training Orchestra’s training management software (TMS) is a comprehensive course scheduling and operations solution powerful enough for professionals working in the energy industry including oil & gas, utilities, and renewable energy.

Normally, your back-office admin team or training manager would look at your list of courses and then select a list of qualified instructors to match them up with. The problem with cross-comparing spreadsheets that hold instructor-led training schedules is that it proves to be too cumbersome — even for the most seasoned L&D managers working in the energy sector.  Talk about a power outage!

With Training Orchestra, our TMS software simplifies the process of organizing and planning a training program for your team of engineers, technicians and energy consultants. Instead of having to check multiple spreadsheets to see if an instructor is available to lead a virtual course on renewable energy regulations, our course scheduling system helps you find the right instructor every time, based on a variety of filters including instructor-led training vs virtual instructor-led courses, qualifications and certifications as well as geo, language of instruction and years of experience.

Everything was v manual before Training Orchestra. Our teams were working 80 hours per week – just to support our training at minimal growth. Now, everyone is at 40 hours per week and we have doubled the amount of training that we do! I can’t even express the amount of gratitude I have for the automation generated by Training Orchestra for our instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs. – Director of Global Events & Operations, ACI Learning

Training Scheduling Software for Energy and Utilities Companies

schedule training for your franchise locations

Schedule Workshops and Courses
Plan and schedule training classes for your team of engineers, consultants and technicians. In one scheduling system, create your training plan roadmap based on company goals or regulations set forth by the EPA. Develop your courses to be in-person or online or opt to use a hybrid approach for the length of the course or training program.

instructor management for logistics

Instructor Selection & Management
Advanced filtering lets you choose your trainers based on availability for your courses, ILT or vILT instruction, language of instruction, and certification from a wide array of bodies including the American Petroleum Institute and the Association of Energy Engineers.

track costs and and budgets for frachise training

Control Costs & Manage Budgets
Keep your training costs right where they need to be. Budgeting tools give your back-office team the intel it needs on resource costs for both online and in-person courses.

cloud compatible logistics training

Cloud-Compatible & Globally Supported Software
Training sessions ready to be released wherever you may be in the world. Schedule live or pre-recorded instructor-led training courses for onboarding new team members or reskilling seasoned employees. Make modifications to your training programs in a matter of clicks to cater to your international team’s country regulations.

certification management for logistics professionals

Certificates & Licenses Portal
Stay in compliance with government regulations and regulatory bodies governing oil & gas, renewable energy, and utilities. Integrated employee databases inform your back-office when licenses are set to expire or if certain employees are in need of certification to continue training.

track course progression for your logistics training course

Track Milestones
Know when to make improvements when you deliver your courses. Track performance milestones throughout the duration of your training program and ensure registered learners have completed the required prerequisites before progressing to the next step.

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