Training Management Software for Financial Services

Your financial services organization is a whole lot more than buying low and selling high. It encompasses hundreds of financial solutions and products that may range from the holdings of an index on the stock exchange to numerous insurance policies. Understanding everything your company offers is a major task for financial planners and associates to fully grasp without a structured training program in place.

With the average financial services company having close to 5,000 associates to train, are you still managing your training scheduling and operations with spreadsheets and manual tasks? A Training Resource Management System (TRMS) is a system that streamlines the entire training process including scheduling, resource utilization, instructor calendars, cost-tracking and reporting – to help your organization train more with less.

Training Orchestra’s Training Resource Management System is software for financial professionals to run their training scheduling and operations. Instead of having your training admin and schedulers manually cross-comparing spreadsheets and calendars to plan course schedules and assign instructors, Training Orchestra lets you easily manage all your scheduling and operations planning in one system, so you’re not wasting valuable time fussing with spreadsheets.

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training scheduling system for financial services

training scheduling system for financial services

Reskilling & Upskilling in the World of Finance

Automation has made money matters simple for the average investor. But that doesn’t mean financial advisors and associates should sit on the sidelines. Financial organizations need to stay informed on the latest trends and tactics to exceed client expectations.

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Our bank manages a high volume of instructor-led training and our LMS doesn’t have the depth of capabilities for ILT that we need to optimize our operations. As a result, we were still planning training in a very manual way – and wasting time and budget in the process. Training Orchestra complements our LMS and LXP, and has helped us eliminate spreadsheets and streamline the entire scheduling process.

– Multinational financial services company

Training Scheduling System for Financial Services Organizations

Staying sharp is key to informing clients and closing deals.

Training Orchestra provides training managers in insurance, real estate, and the banking & finance sectors with the tools they need to organize successful learning for their teams without the hassle of spreadsheets.

schedule training for financial services companies

Schedule Courses & Sessions

Schedule and manage hundreds of training sessions for your global team, with in-person, online, or hybrid training delivery on the only TMS designed for financial professionals.

schedule training for airline and flight academies

Instructor Selection Portal

Less time to screen the right trainers. Pick and choose from the best based on availability, ILT & VILT delivery and certifications in seconds.

manage training budget

Manage Training Budgets

Stay on top of training costs and never go over budget for your next upskilling and reskilling program.

track course progression

Track Course Progression

Integrated insights and analytics inform back-office teams how well your team is performing on specific courses and modules.

training cloud compatibility

Global Cloud Support

Fully supported no matter where your team operates in the world so you’re ready to schedule and get learning out fast.

manage certificates and licenses

Award & Manage Certifications

Real time status updates for license renewal, expiration, or retraining for your entire team of financial associates.

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What can you accomplish with Training Orchestra for Your Financial Firm?

Whether you’re onboarding new insurance analysts or upskilling seasoned investment bankers, Training Orchestra is the only TMS built to manage learning and continued education for financial services professionals all on one platform.

Below are some of the following use cases Training Orchestra has been successful in implementing for partners in insurance, banking, and real estate:

  • Course scheduling tools allow you to plan virtual or in-person courses for analysts needing their Series 7 license or other FINRA licenses.
  • Instructor selection tools give you the ability to set advanced filtering to easily find and assign your best-qualified instructors based on financial industry certifications and expertise in financial products.
  • Budget and cost management tools allow you to take full control of your training budgets with the same accuracy as an investment portfolio. Our budget dashboard gives your back-office team on expenses for learning resources.
  • Get your team ready to go before the opening bell, no matter where they are. Schedule live or pre-recorded instructor-led training sessions catering to the needs of your international investment team.
  • Training performance gives your L&D team integrated insights into learners’ course performance for modules and lessons. From understanding the IMF regulations to current market volatility reports, milestone markers let you know where your team needs to create room for improvement.
  • Trade and sell policies only within the industry’s best practices. Integrated certificate renewals and refreshing tools inform training managers when a department is due for reskilling & upskilling for certifications by regulatory bodies including SEC, FINRA, and the Board of Certified Financial Planners.