Financial services is a whole lot more than buying low and selling high. It’s a wider industry that encompasses hundreds of financial solutions and products that ranges from the holdings of an index on one of the 11 major stock markets to the array of insurance policies offered. Understanding everything your company offers could become a major task for financial planners and associates to fully grasp without a structured training program to be offered.

Of course, scheduling a training program is a lot easier said than done. With the average financial services company having close to 5,000 associates to train, preparing training courses that align with your instructors’ availability and learner attendance can prove to be difficult especially if you’re relying on spreadsheets to do the scheduling.

That’s where we come in. Training Orchestra’s training management resource system is a system that addresses course scheduling issues for financial professionals continued training.

Instead of having your back-office team manually cross-compare spreadsheets to plan course schedules and assign instructors, Training Orchestra lets you cross-compare your calendars with scheduled timelines on one software system so you’re wasting valuable time in Excel.

You’d think that onboarding new financial planners would be easy, however managing training for a team of investors that spans the globe is close to impossible. Training Orchestra makes it easier for us to make sure all of our associates and directors are in the know about the latest financial products we offer.

Training Management & Scheduling Software for Financial Professionals

schedule training for your franchise locations

Course Scheduling Tool
Plan a comprehensive training program and then schedule ILT and vILT courses for your global team of financial professionals. Whether you’re implementing a new financial products such as a target date fund or ETF or in the process of onboarding your newly minted FINRA Series 7 holding investment analyst, we have the system to make organized training a breeze.

instructor management for logistics

Instructor Selection
Research and pick from a roster of qualified instructors to run instructor-led courses, in-person and online or blended learning approach. Advanced filtering lets you choose qualified trainers based on a combination of scheduled availability, expertise in specific financial products, and certifications held by trusted associations in the world of investing and finance including the Certified Financial Planner Board and the Association of Certified International Investment Analysts (ACIIA).

track costs and and budgets for frachise training

Control Costs & Manage Budgets
Manage your training budget the same way you’d manage any investment portfolio. Our training budget dashboard gives you a fully transparent overview on what you and you back-office team are spending on learning resources for each course within your scheduled training plans.

cloud compatible finance and banking training

Cloud-Compatible & Globally Supported Software
Deploy you training program for a team working across the globe. Whether you’re based in New York, London, or Hong Kong, our training resource and scheduling system ensures financial professionals are informed and ready before the opening bell. Schedule live or pre-recorded instructor-led training sessions catering to the needs of your international investment team.


track course progression for your finance and banking training courses

Measure Course Progression
Ensure nothing but the best for you in-person and online training courses. Integrated insights and analytics inform back-office teams how well your team is performing on specific courses needed to manage everything  and anything from investment portfolios to understanding of World Bank and IMF regulations. Milestone markers and task management allows your internal L&D managers ensure analysts and directors are hitting their investment learning targets.


certification management for finance and banking professionals

Manage Licenses
Keep track of the standing of both new and current financial planners and investment analysts in your firm. Integrated databases inform training managers when a department is due for renewal licenses required to practice investment by the SEC and other regulatory bodies.

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