Starting a successful franchise is an exciting moment for any business looking to expand its reach in another part of town, or even another city across the ocean. But are they set-up for success?

While the business model of franchising seems straightforward, what’s often overlooked by franchisors is the importance of implementing a strategic training plan for their individual franchise units. So, when a business franchises without a perfectly-coordinated training program to follow, they run the risk of leaving their franchise partners out in the cold, without the much needed guidance on how to be successful franchise business owners. And, they put your brand at risk.

Training Orchestra’s training scheduling software is designed to be the comprehensive franchise training system for companies looking to quickly plan and schedule training sessions for their network of new franchisees. Ensure every new franchise location is ready to help your brand grow. Develop your training curriculum and schedule templates so you can grow and develop at scale.

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Now, with Training Orchestra, I can have a training session set-up in the system and ready for the sales team to begin scheduling within just 10 minutes. Previously, that process took us at least one full-day!

Director of Global Events & Operations, ACI Learning

Key Training Scheduling Software Features & Benefits for Your Franchise Business

schedule training for your franchise locations

Schedule Training Sessions
Franchisors now have an easier way to plan and schedule training for their expanding network. Match instructors to courses in a matter of seconds. Easily schedule on-site and in-person training sessions along with virtual training courses for new franchisees in one system.

instructor management for franchises

Manage Instructors and Trainers
Find the perfect instructor to run your ILT and vILT courses. Manage your roster of qualified instructors based on availability, skills, location, certification, years of experience, and more!

track costs and and budgets for frachise training

Control Costs & Manage Budgets
Ensure you and your back-office team are never a dollar over your training budget. Advanced cost tracking lets you analyze how much you’re spending for each unit/franchisee’s training plan as well as specific costs for on-site franchisee training.

cloud compatible franchise training

Cloud-Compatible & Globally Supported Software
No matter where you decide to expand your franchise, deploy your training plan across any location around the globe – with the ability to customize based on local industry regulations and currencies. Manage learning resources and assets for your franchisees, all in one tool.

easy communication with franchise training instructors

Feedback and communication
Reduce over-communication with your training team and franchisor endorsed instructors. Relay important messages regarding location specific training based on individual franchise locations or your franchisor training plan as a whole.

easy communication with franchise training instructors

Measure Your Franchise’s Training Progression
Ensure every franchisee is on track for success. Reporting and analytics features allow you track costs, resource usage, trainer utilization, and all the metrics that will help you save on budget and identify areas of improvement to make sure your brand is geared for success.

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