Hospitals and clinics are typically overburdened when it comes to rolling out a continued training schedule out to their team. Most human resources departments within teaching hospitals and large hospital systems are responsible for overseeing and ensuring that all medical professional staff are current on their training.

Whether that’s checking that all registered nurses still have an approved license from the state board or ensuring that physicians have received further training in their specialty, rolling out a continued training plan is typically done on a spreadsheet. While there’s nothing wrong with healthcare administrators using spreadsheets to make a training schedule, the process of matching instructors to available courses and participating attendees can be time-consuming and confusing.

Training Orchestra’s training management resource system is software designed to make scheduling training for large hospitals and healthcare networks easier than ever.  We give healthcare administrators in charge of medical training all the tools they need to plan, schedule, and manage a continued training program for medical professionals of all levels – all in one, easy-to-use software tool.

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Everything was so manual before Training Orchestra. Our teams were working 80 hours per week, just to support our training and minimal growth. Now, everyone is at 40 hours per week, and we have doubled the amount of training that we do! I can’t even express the amount of gratitude I have for the automation generated by Training Orchestra for our instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs.

Director of Global Events & Operations, ACI Learning

 Training Scheduling Software Features for Healthcare Administration

training scheduling system for your hotels and resorts

Course Scheduling System
Plan and schedule multi-course training modules or single learning courses for your entire hospital staff.  Deploy a training plan that suits the needs of instructor and medical staff availabilities by using ILT or vILT instruction or a hybrid approach to ensure continued training is met by deadlines you set.

instructor management for logistics

Instructor Selection Portal
Choose instructors to lead your next training session with advanced filtering and criteria that lets you sort by years of experience, medical specialty, licensing by nursing and medical boards, and availability for in-person and virtual instruction.

cost tracking for training and hospitals and health networks

Budget & Cost Tracking
Keep a healthy pulse on your training budget by making sure you’re never overspending to get your entire staff trained. Our budget and cost tracking tools allow you to view the cost of items and resources used throughout the duration of your training sessions.

certification management for hospitals and health networks

License and Certification Portal
Maintain your nursing and medical staff to the highest standards expected for patient care.  Award and track continued nursing and advanced medical training based on the training program of your choosing.

track course progression for hospitals and health networks

Performance Tracking and Insights
Track course completion and measure attendance for your courses in continued medical training. Coupled with our analytics dashboard, know  how your hospital staff is performing on sessions and find out where areas of improvement are needed.

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