Training Management Software for Hotels & Resorts

Hotel chains and resorts have a global staff that requires careful coordination to ensure that the brand and quality of service are no different from one property to another.

When it comes to providing training to staff at multiple locations, however, the scheduling process seems to be quite the opposite. In theory, organizing and planning training sessions should be simple: You create a spreadsheet with a list of onboarding training courses between senior hotel staff and new employees and set a time and date for the training to get done. However the reality of scheduling training for hospitality professionals is a lot more complicated as most hotel administrators normally find themselves inundated with time-consuming admin work to plan, schedule, and roll out a comprehensive training schedule.

That’s where Training Orchestra comes in to help you avoid the administrative mess of coordinating training. Designed for global hotel chains and equipped to manage the logistics involved in multiple locations, we ensure you get your training delivered right.

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training scheduler for hotels and resorts

Training Management System for Hotels & Hospitality

The TMS is designed for the training and development needs of the world’s largest hotel chains and resorts. Training Orchestra makes organizing and scheduling learning for hospitality professionals as simple and efficient as never before.

schedule training for hotel and resorts

Schedule Courses & Sessions

Schedule hundreds of training sessions for hotel staff around the world without complicated spreadsheets. In-person, online, or using a hybrid learning model.

instructor selection tool

Instructor Selection & Management

Choose and manage your list of trainers. Filter and select instructors for ILT and VILT delivery based on availability, language of instruction, and certification, all within a matter of clicks.

track training budgets and costs

Training Budget & Cost Tracking

Stay on top of your training budget by never going under. Track costs for your training endeavors with custom alerts.

multiple training location support

Schedule Courses for Multiple Locations

Schedule in-person and online training for multiple hotel and resort training. Easily facilitate instructors and resources based on your learners’ location and needs.

Award certifications and management

Award & Manage Certifications

Get your learners the recognition they deserve upon course completion. In addition, manage your hotel team’s certifications and licenses for validation.

performance tracking

Track Training Performance

Measure attendance and course completion for learners in each course. Real-time analytics give you insight into where you can make improvements in your training delivery.

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