Developing a manufacturing training program is probably the last thing on the agenda for any production manager. After all, with the volume of orders to fulfill in factories across the globe, getting the job done as fast and efficiently as possible is always the first priority. 

However, with a global economy poised to expect increases in manufacturing over the next decade, it’s critical that manufacturing plants and production heads begin to plan how they will address the skills gap in manufacturing related roles over time. 

With the labor market poised to slowly favor manufacturing related roles by 2028, production heads need to strategize on how they’ll develop and deploy a training program that allows for a fast yet efficient training experience for hundreds of employees in multiple locations.

Training Orchestra’s training scheduling system is designed specifically to meet the onboarding and reskilling needs of manufacturing companies. Perfectly crafted and easy-to-use, our training resource management software allows production heads to schedule training courses, track training costs, and use data to make incremental improvements – all from one central dashboard.

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Everything was so manual before Training Orchestra. Our teams were working 80 hours per week, just to support our training and minimal growth. Now, everyone is at 40 hours per week, and we have doubled the amount of training that we do! I can’t even express the amount of gratitude I have for the automation generated by Training Orchestra for our instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs.

Director of Global Events & Operations, ACI Learning

Industrial & Manufacturing Training Scheduling Software Features

training scheduling system for your hotels and resorts

Course Scheduling Tool
Training courses schedule your way. Choose a blended learning approach or choose between ILT and vILT courses to train manufacturing technicians and production engineers on a variety of topics from health & safety, onboarding basics, and manufacturing best practices.



instructor management for logistics

Instructor Selection Portal
Choose from the best instructors to lead your next training program or series on manufacturing onboarding courses. Filter qualified instructors based on language of instruction, method of training delivery, and certifications from awarding bodies like Lean Sigma Six and OHSA.

cost tracking for training and hospitality and leisure

Manage Your Training Budget
Cost efficient training management starts with knowing where your budget is going. Visualize how your training budget is being used and make the necessary optimizations for pricing per hour and resource in a matter of clicks.

cloud compatible logistics training

Master Scheduling for Multiple Locations
Set the standard with a master training plan capable to being used across multiple locations. With cloud compatibility and global support, Training Orchestra allows your internal L&D to modify training schedules and instructor assignments for your operation’s just-in-time protocol.



certification management for logistics professionals

Certificates & Licenses Tool
Train and maintain the best with our certification management tools. Manage licensing and certificates for every role in your operation, from validation to expiration. From Lean Sigma Six certifications to Certified Production Manager (CPM), ensure all team members are working to the highest standards.


track course progression for hospitality training courses

Performance Tracking and Task Management
Onboard the best craftsmen and ensure quality training every step of the way. Set milestones for completion for onboarding courses like industrial maintenance and process operation training. Delegate tasks between members of your back-office training team and learners to ensure full competency during the course.

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