Training Management Software for the Mining and Metals Industry

The mining and metals industry requires processes to ensure excavation projects are managed to the highest quality standards. At Training Orchestra, we expect the same when it comes to developing or improving the training process for your team. At whatever stage you decide to train your miners, we provide mining operations teams with the training management system equipped to manage your training courses and learning resources without the confusion of spreadsheets.

With the complex and evolving nature of the industry, developing a properly trained team is critical to developing efficiency and maximum productivity for your mining operation. Training Orchestra allows instructors to get a complete view of your mining operation’s training procedures so you can manage learning resources better and schedule hands-on training faster.

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training management system for miners and metals

Integrate Training into Your Mine Planning Operation

Planning for successful excavation during mining operations is critical. With Training Orchestra we ensure all personnel in any stage of the mining process is trained to the highest standards set forth by the industry, including technical knowledge and health and safety.

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Onboard and Reskill Miners Faster than Ever

Streamline how your back-office team manages L&D for miners with the training management system equipped to do it all.

tms scheduling

Schedule Courses & Sessions

Organize and deliver instrutor-led training on-site or virtually through your LMS platform.

tms track delegation

Task Management

Keep track of what your courses need to stay on top of learning.

tms licenses and certification

Certification Management

Assign and maintain certification courses, including MHSA Part 46 and Part 48, for your team so they’re up to date on the latest training for health & safety and mining best practices.

tms engagement portal

Instructor Engagement Portal

Communicate training procedures and schedules to instructors across multiple sites so you can deliver in-person training faster than ever.

Mining is already a messy business.

Don’t let your training operations be the same.

Mining and excavation companies, searching for a scheduling system that:

  • Streamlines course scheduling and training calendars for onboarding, reskilling, and routine safety training.
  • Allows seamless collaboration between mining instructors, company leadership, and finance managers. 
  • Can support hybrid learning programs for miners between eLearning modules and in-person instructor-led training. 
  • Manages multiple sessions and programs with instructors across various locations.
  • Manage documentation for health and safety protocols as well as mining best practices & procedures.

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