Plan and Organize Training Programs for Local Government Employees.

Employee training is one of the most important aspects for local governments and public entities. It ensure that all the personnel that work for them are properly trained within their job roles and are compliant with government standards.

For most public administration entities, the planning and scheduling of training courses has been one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of efficiently running learning operations for the various departments in public entities.

With Training Orchestra, training managers working with public entities now have a more efficient way to plan training without the excessive administrative work. Utilizing our training management system (TMS) in conjunction with your learning management system (LMS) allows fast and more efficient scheduling without the spreadsheets. 

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training scheduling system for public entities

The Training Management Tool for the Public Sector Learning Programs

Scheduling training with spreadsheets is enough administrative work for local government employees. With most training departments using an LMS to deliver training content, they lack the ability to manage multiple training programs for various departments efficiently.

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Training Management Tool for Public Entities and Local Government

Eliminate the administrative headache that comes along with planning and scheduling training programs for city and government employees.

tms scheduling

Schedule Courses & Sessions

Organize and schedule eLearning and instructor-led training in one system without the confusion of multiple spreadsheets.

tms track delegation

Task Management

Stay on track for your medical products’ training programs by making sure you have everything you need.

tms licenses and certification

Manage Certifications

Track certification training internally or for your client demonstrations. From ISO 3485 and ISO 9001 training standards to ensuring your partners meet competency standards.

tms engagement portal

Instructor Engagement Portal

On-site or online, choose from your roster of subject matter experts deliver the best instructor-led training experience on your latest devices and equipment for healthcare.

Schedule Training and Revamp Your L&D without the Spreadsheets.

Training Managers for local government and public entities need a system that lets them schedule faster.

  • Schedule training for local government and public entity employees in a matter of clicks.
  • Utilize both instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training delivery methods in conjunction with your LMS capabilities.
  • Onboard new employees, reskill and upskill seasoned staff, and maintain continual compliance within your regulations.
  • Retrieve real time analytics so you know where you can improve on your training program.

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