For most tech companies that are poised to produce the next software as a service (SaaS) or mobile app, making sure all departments are aligned on the bare basics can be a bit tedious. Between product managers figuring out customer stories and a business development team knowing the software’s features inside and out before pitching a sale, it seems there’s almost no time for anyone (even the software developers!) to put in the time to plan, schedule, and train on t to understand how the software or app works.

What’s even trickier is when software companies try to deploy a scheduled training plan for their team. Usually the internal L&D will make a spreadsheet (just kidding, a few) to align team members enrolling for training, qualified instructors to lead the software’s training course, and to track costs and resources. When you factor in employee training goals for a tech company of hundreds and thousands, it’s easy to see why a spreadsheet isn’t the best option to get people to a basic understanding.

That’s where Training Orchestra comes in to save the day in the middle of your daily standup. With our specialized training management resource system (TRMS), we allow your back-office learning department to plan training programs and schedule courses with instructors in an easy-to-use software system!

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Everything was so manual before Training Orchestra. Our teams were working 80 hours per week, just to support our training and minimal growth. Now, everyone is at 40 hours per week, and we have doubled the amount of training that we do! I can’t even express the amount of gratitude I have for the automation generated by Training Orchestra for our instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs.

Director of Global Events & Operations, ACI Learning

Course Scheduling System for Tech Companies

schedule training for your franchise locations

Schedule Courses & Sessions
Plan, schedule, and initiate your online or in-person courses on one dashboard without the use of multiple course spreadsheets. From setting the date and time to managing course requirements and details, our scheduling software system allows you to set up your team members up for success so they’re never lost on what’s in development .

instructor management for tech company trainingSelect Instructors Based on Need
Get off the right foot with training by getting the right person to lead your courses from day one. Whether you choose to do instructor-led training in the office or virtual instructor-led training via video call, we make it easy to select instructors based on criteria of your choice from years of experience, languages spoken, and certifications & licenses from approved associations and governing bodies including Scrum Alliance and the Product Management Institute.

track costs and and budgets for tech company training

Control Costs & Manage Budgets
Never go a penny over your training budget. Cost control and budgeting tools give your back-office admin team the visibilitiy it needs to ensure every course in your training program is adequately funded.

cloud compatible logistics training

Globally Supported Software
Designed for tech companies with teams that know no borders. Modify training plans and course schedules based on the needs of your partner business development reps and product managers based on their time zone, language of choice, and instructors available with their reach for ILT and vILT sessions.

track course progression for your logistics training course

Track Progress and Course Completion
With milestone tracking, Training Orchestra makes it easy for your back-office training team to see where your team members stand in completing required product training. Know where sessions are providing to be too difficult or have little interaction.

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