The world of global trade is non-stop with millions of shipments moving from online order to shipping container around the clock.  With shipping containers outnumbering logistics professionals 65 to 1, you’ll want to ensure that not a single order ever gets lost. Ensure your supply chain team is informed on the best practices and procedures both at your home office and your satellite offices across the globe.

Training Orchestra’s training management resource system for professionals in transportation and logistics is the first step in rolling out a training program for your global shipping operation.

Take the headache out of cross-comparing multiple spreadsheets for your in-person and online instructor-led courses. Instead of having your back-office team check schedules for logistics training managers, Training Orchestra lets you used advanced filtering and criteria selection to match supply chain instructors based on course-specific needs including field of expertise in logistics (i.e. APAC ocean freight) to languages spoken and even by certification and licenses.

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Now, with Training Orchestra, I can have a training session set-up in the system and ready for the sales team to begin scheduling within just 10 minutes. Previously, that process took us at least one full-day!

 Training Scheduling Software for Logistics Companies

schedule training for your logistics operation

Course Scheduling Tool
Schedule training sessions for your global team of supply chain professionals. Whether you’re implementing a new warehouse management system using a series of online courses or onboarding new logistics specials using a hybrid learning approach, ready your logistics team in as little time as possible.



instructor management for logistics

Simplified Instructor Selection
Run your instructor-led online or face-to-face courses by choosing the right instructor for every session. Advanced filtering and criteria lets you choose based on availability, ILT or vILT instruction, and certification from a wide array of bodies including the Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) and the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)


cost tracking for logistics training

Control Costs & Manage Budgets
Never go a penny over your training budget. Cost control and budgeting tools give your back-office admin team the visibility it needs to ensure every course in your training program is adequately funded.

cloud compatible logistics training

Cloud-Compatible & Globally Supported Software
Designed to prepare logistics teams around the world for the demands of supply chain management. Schedule live or pre-recorded instructor-led training sessions for your expanding supply chain professionals across the globe. Cloud-based servers let you upload and access documents whether you’re in Shanghai or Rotterdam.


manage certificates and training

Manage Certificates & Licenses
Stay up to date on certifications and licenses by leading regulatory bodies in supply chain management. Get notified about incoming certificate expiration dates for your team or set up a training plan to to get team members certified for the most respected licenses in the world of global supply chain management.


track course progression for your logistics training course

Measure Course Progression
Track training performance and course completion rates with integrated analytics. Milestone markers and task management allow training operations managers to make sure everyone from warehousing specialists to freight forwarding agents are hitting their learning targets.

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