Training Orchestra’s Training Instructor Booking System: An Easier, More Efficient Way to Manage, Communicate, and Collaborate With Your Training Instructors.

Whether you’re booking full-time dedicated instructors or subject matter experts (SMEs), Training Orchestra’s capabilities allow for a more efficient, automated way to manage your entire team of trainers. Say goodbye to booking training with back and forth emails and phone calls, and start collaborating on all training activities in one simplified system. Training Orchestra’s Facilitator Booking System offers an adaptable solution designed to streamline the process of booking instructors and managing all other training-related activities for your upcoming classroom and virtual instructor-led training (ILT / vILT) courses.

With seamless integration with your LMS, CRM, and other critical technologies, a smoother way to collaborate with your training instructors is right at your fingertips. Training Orchestra’s Training Instructor Booking System brings over 20 years of experience and best practices from over 600 satisfied clients worldwide.

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A Training Facilitator Booking System to Quickly Find and Book the Best Instructors for In-Person and Virtual Classroom Training Sessions

Greater Visibility Over All

Instructor Schedules


All facilitator availability and activity in one training booking system, instead of searching through multiple systems


All instructor schedules and training sessions together for a simplified, collaborative view


Instructors calendars and all session activity with real-time alerts and updates


The entirety of your training team’s activity in flexible timeline and agenda views

Detect and Engage the Most Qualified 

Instructors for Each Session


With specific criteria to find the most qualified instructor for each session


The best and most available facilitator or SME immediately 


The instructors that you need for your upcoming courses


Back and forth manual tasks such as emailing and calling, and directly contact each instructor in the system

Track and Manage All Facilitators, 

Sessions, and Related Activity


All training program details and updates and easily communicate information to instructors


Notifications and reminders so both you and your training facilitators will never miss another important task again


Your calendar views, dashboards, and preferences to make the most of a training plan tailored to your instructors’ workflows


Where all resources, equipment, and budget are allocated with each individual training session

Efficient Communication and

Task Management


And share content, presentations, and documents directly in one portal 


Your instructors of any changes with live indicators in your Instructor Engagement Portal 


Tasks and to-do lists prior to each training course


Quickly and efficiently on all tasks, scheduling details, instructor engagements, and more 

Why Training Orchestra’s Instructor Booking System?

Innovation and Modernization 

Our R&D teams are constantly working to both innovate and modernize our solutions, adapted to your instructor booking needs.

Flexible and Global Support 

With teammates worldwide, we bring 24/7 global support to your organization when you need it most.

Experienced Facilitator Booking System 

With over 20 years of experience, we leverage best practices from over 600 satisfied clients worldwide, adapting to new needs everyday.

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