Collaborate and Conquer on Your Next Course

Planning a series of courses is only half the battle for training providers. The other part is figuring out who’s qualified and available to teach it. Your training back-office admin might have databases filled with qualified instructors and subject matter experts in every field and industry but cross comparing spreadsheets with all the nitty-gritty details just makes your job harder. Between looking at course details and instructor schedules you’ll find that selecting the right instructor for the right course at the ideal times is too granular to be done manually.

That’s where Training Orchestra comes in!

Not only does Training Orchestra make it easy for training providers to schedule and manage courses but we make the process of instructor selection for your next session easier. With an easy-to-use interface, our dedicated collaboration portal is a dedicated space within the TMS that allows you to manage and interact with qualified trainers of your choosing.

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Communicate on Course Details

Because no instructor likes playing phone tag or hide-and-go-seek with emails.

Streamline your communication channels to one dedicated portal so your back-office is in sync with your instructors. Instructor portal serves as your primary activity of record for one course or your entire program.

Along with our task management tool, delegate or tag your instructors on key concerns you may have regarding course requirements, scheduling, or resources needed with your instructors.

Easy of Use for Your Trainers

Let your instructors take the reigns from here after your admin team has put everything in place.

Using the integrated scheduling system, your instructors have the ability to self-enroll in sessions based on course availability, enrollment size, and qualifications. Reduce the amount of advertising needed to find the right instructor!

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Request a Training Management Software Demo The global leader in training management system software for over 18 years, we’ve been helping 600+ organizations worldwide manage their instructor-led training operations and over $6 billion in training budgets. Training Orchestra can help you optimize classroom and virtual training operations: session scheduling, resource management, instructor calendars, vILT, cost tracking and reporting. Complement your existing learning technologies, with Training Orchestra to replace spreadsheets and manual tasks, so you can focus on growing your training business.

Instructor Management Portal FAQs

Does your instructor engagement portal have interfacing capabilities with other technology?

Yes, Training Orchestra can integrate with your LMS, website, and other critical technologies. Our Instructor Engagement Portal interface allows your team to make the most of your existing technology systems and streamline your day-to-day training activities.

Does this portal help manage activity for both instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual instructor-led training (vILT) sessions?

Definitely. Our Instructor Engagement Portal is a robust solution designed to manage operations and activity for both classroom and virtual training.

Is there a way for me to promote my courses that need to have a qualified instructor?

Yes, you can promote your open positions in our Instructor Engagement Portal. Your trainers can apply for any opening they are qualified for. Even better, if an instructor is able to find a course they’re available for and they meet the qualifications they are free to go ahead and sign themselves for that particular course.

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An Easier Way to Communicate with Instructors

A “Virtual Faculty Room” showcasing a roster of qualified and available instructors.

Training Orchestra makes finding the right instructor for a course easier than ever with our integrated Instructor Collaboration feature. Training Orchestra’s TMS reduces the hassle of finding the right SME to lead your learning sessions to just a few clicks.

Spreadsheets over Software: Really?

Just because your training team is called the “back-office” doesn’t mean you should stay behind in everything – including technology.

While back-office training teams are focused on streamlining the logistics of getting learning resources to the client or attendee, they should do so with a system that addresses scheduling, resourcing, and budgeting – all in one platform.

Assess Your Training Budget Now!

Spending too much in the wrong area? Under investing in instructors? Sometimes training manager don’t know where to optimize their budget for the best training performance.

Our quick ROI calculator crafted for training operations of any type gives you a glance on what you can expect on running your operation.

Join 600+ successful stories with our Employee Training Software solution!

We save money while gaining more flexibility, efficiency, and professionalism. Our training offer supports the development of our employees as well as the performance of the company.

Christophe Guillery

Training Director, Areva