Dynamic instructor assignment & collaboration

Your instructors and SMEs are your most important (and expensive!) assets. Why not make the process of trainer assignment and collaboration the most efficient part of your scheduling tasks?

With Training Orchestra’s Training Management System, you’ll bring your back-office team, trainers, SMEs – and their catalog of skills and specifications – all together in one single solution.

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choose your instructor based on skill

Catalog of Trainers & Skills

Accelerate the trainer assignment process and make the most of your strategic resources and budget. Our powerful catalog of all your trainers, whether full-time dedicated, SME, or external, allows you to quickly filter on any specification (skills, geo, language, availability…) and assign the best available instructor for your course, in a matter of seconds — not hours.

choose your instructor based on skill

Instructor Collaboration

No instructor or back-office team likes playing phone tag or hide-and-seek with emails and phone calls. Provide your trainers with a dedicated collaboration portal to keep things running smoothly. With a centralized hub to manage all of their training activity, documents, and travel, your instructors will stay organized and prepared for whatever adventure awaits them next.

choose your instrcutor based on skill

Call for Tender

Allow your instructors and subject matter experts to raise their hands for the courses they want to teach! Post your unassigned courses as a “Call for Tender” and fill your open opportunities with the most qualified and eager trainers.

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Training and Resource Scheduling

Scheduling & Resource Management

Instructor Management for Training companies

Instructor Management
& Collaboration

Budget and Cost tracking for training management

Budget &
Cost Tracking

Reporting and Analytics for Training Companies

Reporting &

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We save money while gaining more flexibility, efficiency, and professionalism. Our training offer supports the development of our employees as well as the performance of the company.

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Instructor Management Portal FAQs

Does your instructor engagement portal have interfacing capabilities with other technology?

Yes, Training Orchestra can integrate with your LMS, website, and other critical technologies. Our Instructor Engagement Portal interface allows your team to make the most of your existing technology systems and streamline your day-to-day training activities.

Does this portal help manage activity for both ILT and vILT sessions?

Definitely. Our Instructor Engagement Portal is a robust solution designed to manage operations and activity for both instructor-led training and virtual instructor-led training activity.

Is there a way for me to promote my courses that need an instructor?

Yes! With our instructor engagement portal you can make an open advertisement to garner interest from available instructors that meet your requirements and meeting times. Instructors and subject matter experts can apply for any opening they are qualified for. Even better, if an instructor is able to find a course they’re available for and they meet the qualifications they are free to go ahead and sign themselves for that particular course.