Learning Analytics to Enhance L&D Functions

Learning analytics is the systematic process of training data collection, analysis, and reporting acquired throughout a series of training programs, courses, and sessions. Utilizing learning analytics is often overlooked by most human resources departments, L&D teams, and training providers. The reason for learning coordinators as to why it’s so overlooked is straightforward — the data is complex to comprehend. However, when learning analytics is integrated into L&D processes, it becomes an integral part of improving the training experience for learners and training delivery for L&D.

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learning analytics for the training improvement

Training Analytics Is Too Learner Focused

Learning analytics is typically used in the L&D community to refer to data related to learner performance. Under this perspective, learning analytics is usually composed of:

  • Learner satisfaction
  • Learner completion rate
  • Learner performance
  • Attendance rate
  • Interactions with classmates and SMEs

Using learning analytics to improve the training experience is a must. However, L&D professionals tend to forget that training data is critical in optimizing the performance of learning operations for L&D teams and improving how instructor-led training is managed end to end.

When analyzing the overall training ROI of a single training session or multiple courses,  learning specialists put too much emphasis on what they can improve on the front end of the training experience. Implementing learning methodologies with exciting new tech and revamping training course material can address training deficits as provided by an ROI analysis, but that’s only half of the solution. 

Utilizing Learning Analytics to Improve ILT Experiences and Delivery

The more critical aspect of learning analytics within L&D should be on the back-office administration side of the learning operation. L&D teams should focus on how well teams can consistently plan, deliver, and manage quality instructor-led training sessions, in-person or online.

By using learning analytics to focus on the functionality of the training operation, L&D teams and training providers can understand where their strengths are in delivering ILT training sessions and where they can improve.

Optimizing Training Delivery with Integrated Analytics

Use more than just training data to improve learner outcomes. Embedded learning analytics and reporting helps your team identify critical needs for L&D Processes

manage training schedules for global teams

Get Insights from Previous Training Data

Design a custom approach to learning delivery based on training data from learners and training stakeholders.

tracking learing analytics

Connect Your Learning EcoSystem

Capture data from every section of your training operation by integrating with your LMS and CRM.

automated reporting

Automated Reporting

No more confusing spreadsheets. Fast and easy reporting that visualizes key information to on your training programs and where to take them next.

learning analytics training management

Analytics to Guide Your Training Operation and Processes

Integrated analytics and reporting gives training providers and learning departments the data insights they need to deliver a seamless training experience for clients and learners alike.

Training Delivery Platform with Learning Analytics

How does Training Orchestra use learning analytics to improve training delivery processes?

Training Orchestra is a training management system (TMS) that’s designed to meet the administrative needs of L&D professionals in improving how they organize and provide instructor-led training to learners.

Learning analytics in conjunction with a TMS like Training Orchestra provides data insights for L&D to better strategize on how they can optimize their delivery of both ILT and vILT based courses. This allows training providers to schedule and deliver training efficiently with reduced error.

Aside from learning analytics, what other features are included to help training providers optimize delivery for learning programs?

Training Orchestra is training administration software that equips L&D teams with the tools they need to deliver training to clients efficiently and at scale.

  • Course scheduling system: Schedule both instructor-led training sessions (ILT) and virutal instructor-led training (vILT) sessions without the need for spreadsheets and calendars.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Take advantage of the data insights from previous and current training courses/programs. Learning analytics combined with integrated reporting allows you to make strategic decisions for a more efficient L&D operation.
  • Training Budget Tools: Track individual training costs for instructors and trainers assigned to courses and other resources throughout training programs.
  • Instructor Selection: Choose the best instructor, trainer, and subject matter expert for your sessions. Filter through full-time and part-time trainers based on criteria including ILT or vILT capability, language of instruction, and qualifications.

Train More With Less

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