“Learning leaders know that managing L&D operations is kind of like conducting an orchestra. The ensemble requirements for an effective department range from data to strategy, that combine to meet objectives and keep organizations in rhythm. And, if you don’t have the right tools you might wind up playing second fiddle.” – Christopher Lind, learning industry expert at Learning Sharks

Christopher recently sat down with Training Orchestra’s Stephan Pineau and Peter Olyarchuk, to discuss orchestrating training operations with a Training Resource Management System (TRMS). If you’re wondering what the TRMS is all about, or better yet, want find out how it’s possible to manage training operations sans XLS spreadsheets, post-it notes, and boxes of tissues (pause for the chuckles)… watch the replay where they lay it all out including:

  • What in the world is a TRMS?
  • Acronyms: What’s the deal with the LXP, LMS and the TRMS? Which technology fits which need?
  • How to overcome today’s top instructor-led training, virtual instructor-led or hybrid training challenges
  • How to increase resource use, streamline operations, and optimize training investment with a Training Resource Management System

…And more. Don’t miss this insightful and lively discussion!



Meet Training Orchestra’s Training Management System: Helping organizations orchestrate their training operations for the new today.

training orchestra training management system
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For over 20 years, Training Orchestra has been helping 600+ organizations worldwide automate and optimize their instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training (ILT + vILT + Hybrid) operations and over $6B in training budgets.

Training Orchestra’s Training Management System can help you optimize training operations: session scheduling, resource management, instructor collaboration, vILT, cost tracking and reporting. As a complement to your existing learning technologies, Training Orchestra can replace all XLS spreadsheets and manual tasks, so you can manage training as a business.

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