Many companies excel at refining their current products but struggle to complement this process with the pursuit of breakthrough products. Ciba Vision is one of the few exceptions: it managed to optimize the profits of its conventional business and freed up resources to pursue breakthrough initiatives. We believe optimization is the key to innovation.

In this article, published in the Learning Technologies E-Magazine, our Learning Analyst Cécile Farriaux examines what training departments can learn from the successes of companies like Ciba Vision.

‘By optimizing your current resources, you free up money, time, people and brain-power. When training management is centralized in a system, resources are used more efficiently and on what really matters. Not only does this allow you to free up resources to innovate, but you may create new revenue opportunities, like selling training to customers or partners.’

In this article you will learn:

  • How resource optimization can become crucial in supporting Learning innovation
  • Google’s iterative process to innovate training
  • Practical steps to optimize training operations

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