The training and airline industries have a lot in common: they help you fly to coveted intellectual and professional places, they manage valuable and scarce resources and they have fixed capacities. The airline industry has been very successful in adapting to the limits of a flexible demand, with companies registering up to $500 million increases per year. What then can the learning industry learn from the successes of the airline industry?

To optimize training resources and attempt to parallel the airline industry’s achievements, check out our article in Learning Technologies UK e-Magazine: Optimise Your Training: Lessons from the Airline Industry.

“Choosing a management system that allows you to forecast your training volumes accurately, gives you flexibility in coordinating and reallocating resources, and proactively tracks costs and budgets, will be fundamental to make the most of your training budget. And help you solve training’s Rubik’s cube.”

In this article, you will learn:

  • The parallels between the training and airline industries
  • How the airline industry has adapted to a flexible demand and maximized its available resources
  • 5 strategies to optimize training resources
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