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Our philosophy is that you need a technology partner that will listen to your needs and create a package designed just for you; a training management software system that will scale with you as your business grows. We work with many clients small and large, and our pricing scales with your needs. To get a price quote for our training management software, tell us a little more about your needs in the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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For small to medium organizations with strict time & budget constraints.

Great starter package to drastically improve the performance of your training operation

A Flexible Solution

Take advantage of the most popular features and the best practices shared by millions of users. It is the unique flexibility of our training management solution that helps you improve your performance dramatically while managing a training business, in a short time.

Included in Package
  • Fast implementation
  • Secure data import
  • Training best practices
  • Standard connectors
  • Dedicated support
  • All new versions
  • User group participation

For all organizations who want to make the most of our powerful solution.

Benefit from the unique expertise and experience of our team to help you optimize your training operation

The Perfect Partner

Leverage fully our team’s deep expertise to improve your business practices and make the most of the extensive capabilities of Training Orchestra’s course management software.

A Unique Methodology

Our methodology helps align your training teams around the same business objectives, insures a smooth transition, and secures your implementation process.

Included in Offer
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Change management
  • Tailored deployment and training

For large to very large organizations with a high level of complexity.

Designed for large organizations with distributed teams and complex IT environments

A Scalable Platform

Benefit from the robustness, security and interoperability of our course management system to fit seamlessly into your ever-changing environment. You will appreciate the depth and breadth of both our feature sets and our international presence to help you to execute on your global strategy effectively and economically. Plus, enjoy our dedicated user group where you can share with others facing similar challenges.

Included in Our Services
  • Most experienced experts
  • Advanced IT and security consulting
  • Advanced interfacing options

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