Matt Pittman BHG - Hybrid Learning Webinar
Matt Pittman
Principal Learning Analyst
Brandon Hall Group

Reimagining Training Ops

By guest author and Principal Learning Analyst, Matt Pittman of Brandon Hall Group

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Almost as old as business itself, doing more with less isn’t a new concept. However, it’s now becoming an increasingly important focus for learning leaders as the reality of the hybrid workforce and digital-first learning approaches brings in its wake the cry for greater efficiency and cost control.

With the RTO (Return to Office) trend in full force, the unexpected return of face-to-face instructor-led training and the transition from a fully digital asynchronous approach, age-old training resource management challenges have returned to the management’s training strategy. Add to that the end of the pandemic crisis response. While there is still a portion of training happening virtually, many companies appear to be returning to instructor-led training (ILT) in force. In fact, Brandon Hall Group’s study on the state of learning practices reveals that 70% of all training is being delivered in an instructor-led modality (whether in person or virtual).

With a return of instructor-led training as the preferred method of delivery comes all the associated concerns that keep companies and learning departments thinking:

  • Do we have the right trainer available for this particular course, at this particular time?
  • Do we have enough resources needed to carry out the training program in its entirety?
  • Can we provide evidence that our management of the training program was a success? That both the learners and the training team provided a positive ROI?

Training Resource Management System provider Training Orchestra, a Brandon Hall Group Gold Preferred Provider, joined us to show learning teams how creating an effective training operations strategy can help them gain efficiency and maximize the management of limited resources. Many companies still resort to spreadsheet management for this critical function. Our research shows that more than 55% of learning organizations are managed de-centrally or in a hybrid model and organizations are anticipating reductions in both learning budget and dedicated learning headcount. This means there is more to manage with fewer people to manage it. And yet, the training still has to take place.

The session will attempt to answer hot topic questions in the learning community such as:

  • What exactly are training operations and why should management care?
  • What are the primary concerns of management, human resources, and L&D within my organization?
  • What are the capabilities of using an LMS and where does it cease to provide value in training operations management?
  • How can L&D teams optimize their training processes to the point where they add value and create success?

Watch the Webinar Replay: Reimagine Training Ops to Train More with Less

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