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Collecting and making sense of detailed data so you can drive business impact and prove ROI is crucial to the training function. Why not take business intelligence to the ultimate level so your next decisions are the best and most informed?

Training Orchestra’s reporting and analytics tools give you total insight into how your entire training operation is running, right from the start. Whether you’re using standard performance measurement metrics and KPIs or creating your own custom reports, our TMS features everything you need to make the best move for tomorrow and the next fiscal year.


Centralized Business Intelligence Hub

No more trying to make sense of incomplete data held in disorganized spreadsheets and tools. Training Orchestra’s centralized business intelligence hub allows you to monitor and analyze all your training program data in one user-friendly portal.

Custom Reporting

Cater your reports to the needs of every stakeholder by easily dialing into the detailed training data you’ve ever needed. Resource utilization, trainers, costs per session broken down by business unit…you name it! Quickly generate standard reports or drag-and-drop to create your own custom reports, highlighting areas for growth and winning insights.


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Reporting and Analytics for Training Companies

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics FAQs

How do I measure performance for my training program?

With over 60 templates included and an unlimited number of KPIs to gauge performance, Training Orchestra allows you to collect the intel needed so you can deliver better training faster, efficiently, and more effectively for your learners. Built in metrics like course participation rate and coursework submitted to give you insights on learning progression. Back-office admins can also get an understanding of scheduling issues or difficulty with total enrollment and course completion to see.

Why is measuring training performance so important?

As a training professional, it’s never ideal to run a training program without getting an understanding on how you and your team are measuring performance. Integrated analytics tools within Training Orchestra allow you to collect data throughout the duration of your training whether it be a single session, a series of courses, or a set of modules over time.  Data insights created via our reporting dashboard allow you to visualize trends on almost every KPI of your choosing so you know where to make changes to improve the learner experience and training delivery.   

Can performance reporting and other insights be automated?

Yes! Within the dashboard you can automatically schedule reports that address key performance changes. Even better, we also allow you to disperse generated reports out to instructors and other stakeholders from within the platform, so no need to attach additional spreadsheets to emails.

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