Discover why Brandon Hall Group describes Training Orchestra as the “Industry Leader in standalone Training Management Software.”

Brandon Hall Group Review of Training Orchestra

brandon hall learning solution profile training orchestra

“Training Orchestra can tackle the most complex training management scenarios for organizations of any size or industry while delivering significant cost savings.”

This comprehensive analyst profile provides a detailed overview of Training Orchestra’s Training Management System (TMS) by Brandon Hall Group. In this report, you will find a deep dive into our TMS, product screenshots, key features and benefits, and Brandon Hall Group’s expert analysis of our award-winning TMS.

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eBook: Train More with Less: How to Drive Efficiency in Instructor-Led Training

Learn from Brandon Hall Group, how to drive training efficiency and performance through best practices in training operations. Looking to create new efficiencies in both training programs and budgets, training organizations across the globe have identified training operations optimization as the greatest opportunity for driving performance and the ability to do more with less.

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eBook: Hybrid Learning Revolution

Training Orchestra partnered with Brandon Hall Group on this insightful ebook about the hybrid learning revolution. Grab your copy to discover the latest hybrid learning data and trends, how to optimize the hybrid learning experience for your business and learners, and how to ensure that your Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT) offering supports your hybrid learning program.

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Webinar: Hybrid Learning Revolution

Once you’ve read our hybrid learning ebook, watch this on-demand webinar with Stephan Pineau, CEO of Training Orchestra, and David Wentworth, Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group. This webinar reveals how you can create the most effective hybrid learning program by combining ILT and vILT with the rest of your learning program.

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Training Orchestra Wins 2023 Gold Excellence Award for Best Advance in ILT Management & Delivery

For its Training Resource Management System (TRMS): Running Efficient and Effective, End-to-End Instructor-Led Training Operations

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Blog: Hybrid Work Needs a Human Touch

hybrid learning needs a human touch

David Wentworth shares his thoughts on embedding ILT and vILT in the hybrid learning model on the Training Orchestra blog. Take a look to discover the key hybrid learning challenges and solutions available to organizations today, including why technology plays a vital role in hybrid working and learning.

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ILT/vILT and the Rebirth of TMS – Research Brief

rebirth of the training management system: How ILT can keep pace with the modern learning experience

“Faced with the realities of the modern learning environment, organizations ignore classroom training at their peril.”

This research brief from Brandon Hall Group reveals the current state of ILT and vILT in the modern learning experience, including the complexities surrounding it, the consequences of ignoring it, and why the TMS plays a vital role in today’s learning technology stack, alongside the LMS and LXP.

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