training management system features e-bookIn today’s learning environment, it’s never been more important for training leaders to find a full range of training management system features to help them make the most of their strategic resources, their time, and their budgets.

However, without the right tools, tasks such as managing training operations more efficiently, controlling costs and proving ROI can be a challenge. To effectively deliver Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) and Instructor-Led Training (ILT) programs, many training leaders rely on a training resource management system, a robust back-office system designed to optimize training activity. This type of software can streamline your entire training process, letting your teams collaborate effortlessly on: session scheduling, resource planning, budget optimization, reporting, and much more – all while handling multiple locations, languages, and currencies with ease.

What type of features do you need to manage training operations in the most efficient and profitable way? A training management system can come with many different functionalities, but understanding what features best support your core business needs, such as increasing profitability, strengthening operations and team collaboration, and developing customer loyalty, can be confusing.

We’ve compiled a checklist of the top 20 features you’ll need in a training management system in order to make the most of managing your training operations. Whether you run training as a business, manage a corporate training program, train your partners or clients, or those alike, there are many features to consider in order to find the right system to fit your training needs. Ready to revolutionize the way you manage ILT/VILT?  Learn how to increase resource use, optimize session scheduling and resource management, control costs, optimize reporting, and much more, all from one system so you can “train more, with less!”

Download the full e-book to dive into the top 20 training management system features you’ll need to successfully manage your training operations in the most efficient and profitable way possible: