HAVASMore Training, Less Spending: Comprehensive Training Management Solution Delivers in Competitive Business Conditions

Positioned in a sector that is both demanding and competitive, Havas Group is one of the world’s largest global communications groups. The group, which through the years has seen strong growth, realized that to remain competitive it must maintain and develop the skill level of its employees. To achieve this it delivers close to 30,000 hours of training each year, including operating its own Corporate University. This ambitious program required a way to manage all of the administration, logistics, and planning on a global scale so Havas turned to Training Orchestra’s Training Resource Management System (TRMS). In addition to managing all of the training operations, the TRMS integrated with the existing Human Resource Information Systems currently being used by Havas.

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Clients expect the best and in the communications business, the best comes from your employees. Havas Group’s management was prepared to invest in training for their employees and their Corporate University. It was necessary though, that this take place in the most efficient cost effective way possible. To meet this challenge, the communications group adopted Training Orchestra.

The main objectives of Havas were to:

  • Have an overall view of its training policy
  • Promote interaction between the group’s 40 communications agencies
  • Streamline its training management practices
  • Increase the volume of training while saving time and automating admin tasks
  • Simplify access to certification offerings provided by the Havas University

Havas chose Training Orchestra’s unified Training Resource Management System (TRMS) to optimize their global training programs.

Training Orchestra: The Solution

In Training Orchestra, Havas has found a comprehensive solution to all of their requirements. The ergonomic interface, simplicity of use, and the expertise of the implementation teams are some of the criteria that attracted the group.

Thanks to the Training Orchestra solution, the training managers have been able to:

  • Manage and structure the training catalog for the group’s 40 branches.
  • Professionalize the training teams with a multi-user interface.
  • Monitor legal requirements.
  • Share financial data on the training operation internally.

“We chose Training Orchestra to structure our training offering, professionalize the training teams, and enable us to manage more training sessions.” — Christine Fourcade, Training Head, Havas Group


Deployed in less than four months, the Training Orchestra Training management software allowed the Havas group and its University to:

  • Decompartmentalize training: Since it is accessible by multiple functional groups (Training, HR, Finance, etc.), the system allows the sharing of financial and legal dashboards and indicators to promote the steering of the training programs and offer a more transverse approach to staff.
  • Professionalize training staff: With the simplification and automation of many administrative tasks training leaders can concentrate on activities with higher added value directly related to the company’s strategic development.
  • Improve employee career tracking: With the entire training process optimized, it is easier for the dedicated staff to focus on the employees and recommend courses of study from the sixty “business core” programs offered through Havas University.

“Training Orchestra had the most suitable offering available. It meets all of our expectations, and brought us benefits in both time savings and transversality. The group’s HR department is now able to have an overview of the content offered in Havas University and conduct training plan follow-up initiatives.” — Christine Fourcade, Training Head, Havas Group


About Havas Group

Havas is one of the largest communications groups in the world. Havas aims to be the most advanced media communications group in connecting brands and consumers via creativity, media, and innovation expertise.

  • 40 communications agencies
  • 16,000 employees100 countries

Havas University is the Havas Group’s internal training organization. It provides some sixty training programs relating to the core business of its agencies and the professional development of its collaborators.

  • 1,200 training initiatives
  • 30,000 training hours
  • 60 certifying programs

Havas chose Training Orchestra’s unified Training Resource Management System (TRMS) to optimize their global training programs.

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