cfafgImproving Training Efficiency From Order to Invoice

About AFG: The French Gas Association is the professional union for the French gas industry. Regrouping the largest private and public corporations in the sector, its mission is to promote the entirety of the gas industry’s activities.

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For more than 35 years, the French Gas Association has considered the professional training of workers in the gas industry as its number one priority. Due to the high-risk nature of the gas industry, AFG’s training subsidiary “AFG Competency and Training” needs to ensure the highest quality of training. In light of this imperative, CFAFG offers no less than 65 public courses as well as several tailored and executive education programs, thanks to 500 specialized instructors.

As a reference on the market, CFAFG leverages its experience to offer personalized services and guarantee a high level of expertise to match client expectations, in an ever-evolving industry.

  • 500 expert instructors
  • 12,000 trainees since its creation
  • 35 years of training experience

“We chose Training Orchestra for its capacity to consolidate and monitor the entirety of our activity as a Training Provider, and accompany us in our development to meet our clients’ high expectations.” –Carole Godiniaux, Executive Director of CFAFG


To improve its efficiency and profitability, and to secure customer satisfaction, CFAFG needed a comprehensive solution capable of covering the entirety of its training business from order to invoice. CFAFG was looking for a solution perfectly tailored to its training catalog, sales cycle, and organizational structure. To meet these needs, CFAFG adopted the Training Orchestra integrated solution in 2013.

CFAFG’s main objectives were to consolidate all its training processes in a single solution:

  • Simplify and secure confidential data and processes
  • Streamline its training management practices
  • Increase visibility through customizable reporting tools
  • Standardize its commercial practices
  • Enhance the quality of its service as a training provider

Training Orchestra: The Solution

In Training Orchestra, CFAFG found a comprehensive solution to all of its requirements. Thanks to powerful functionalities dedicated to training providers, an intuitive full-web interface, and expertise from the support teams, CFAFG was able to:

  • Integrate all its management processes in a unique system
  • Manage complex curricula and company-level commercial agreements
  • Optimize the use of all training resources
  • Track performance in real-time and share data internally
  • Benefit from custom support adapted to its evolution as a training provider


Once deployed, Training Orchestra’s software for training providers enabled AFG and CFAFG to:

  • Decompartmentalize its activity and formalize its processes: process integration from order to invoice and data-sharing allows CFAFG to standardize its procedures and increase collaboration.
  • Automate low value-added tasks: freed from manual processes, CFAFG’s professionals can focus on the strategic development of their training company while avoiding potentially damaging administrative mistakes.
  • Monitor and drive the entirety of its training activity: through multiple customizable dashboards and shared KPIs, Training Orchestra offers a powerful monitoring tool to enhance visibility and responsiveness.
  • Track and increase profitability: by optimizing the sales cycle and providing accurate visibility over profitability per session and resource use, Training Orchestra allows CFAFG to improve the performance of its training activity.
  • Develop customer loyalty: better customer follow-up and gains in operational processes improve the quality of services provided and enhance customer loyalty.


As AFG’s training subsidiary, CFAFG has become the main reference in training providers for the gas industry. CFAFG offers 65 public courses as well as several custom and executive education programs to a high-level audience, to accompany all the stakeholders in this ever-evolving industry.

  • 65 public courses
  • 14 custom programs
  • 2 executive education programs

“The Training Orchestra solution has become a true performance-enhancing tool. We were able to consolidate all our processes and adapt them to our varied catalog, improve visibility and control over our activity, and optimize time and resources spent to improve profitability.” –Carole Godiniaux, Executive director of CFAFG

About Training Orchestra

Training Orchestra is a leader in Training Resource Management Software (TRMS), providing an integrated full-web solution dedicated to the entire training ecosystem: L&D / Training Departments, Training Providers, Corporate Universities, Extended Enterprises, and Associations.

Covering the whole training process: commercial, logistic, administrative, legal, financial, and client portal, Training Orchestra has proven its expertise with over 600 clients and $5 billion of training budgets managed. Training Orchestra, available in 16 languages and 120 currencies, enables its users to drive their training activity, track forecasts, enhance productivity and profitability, and ensure employee satisfaction and customer loyalty. Training Orchestra enjoys the trust of major international organizations such as Ricoh, Capgemini, PwC, New York Life, and Securitas.

To find out more about how Training Orchestra can help you optimize training operations and train more with less, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts or, request a demo. We can help you tackle your goals!