Research Brief: ILT / vILT and the Rebirth of the Training Management System

How ILT can keep pace with the modern learning experience

by Brandon Hall Group

What are the consequences of ignoring instructor-led training?

The current focus for most learning and development organizations is on the learner experience — how to improve it and make it more impactful.

What many companies seem to be missing in the process, is the role of face-to-face learning. Whether it is called Instructor-Led Training (ILT), classroom training, in-person workshops, or something else — a real and human learning experience is the most proven kind and one that resonates most with learners.

So how can ILT keep pace with the rest of the learning experience? One of the key elements in ensuring ILT is as impactful as possible is having the required tools to manage, deliver, and facilitate these programs as effectively and efficiently as possible. Hence, we have a rebirth of the training management system.

Download the Research Brief by Brandon Hall Group to find out:

  • The current state of Instructor-Led Training in the modern learning experience
  • The complexities surrounding ILT / vILT, and what to do about it
  • The consequences of ignoring classroom training
  • How to ensure ILT / vILT is as impactful as possible
  • Why the Training Resource Management System can carry as much weight as the LMS and the LXP/LEP