How is training management positioned in the learning technology ecosystem, and does it overlap with the LMS?

David Wilson, Founder and CEO, Fosway Group
An interview with
David Wilson
Founder and CEO
Fosway Group

Fosway Group has been tracking and analyzing the learning technology market for well over 20 years. Not only has the learning tech ecosystem become more diverse, but it has also become more advanced and specialized. So, where is training management positioned in the learning technology ecosystem today?

Find out from David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, how specialist tools, like the Training Resource Management System, can enable your team to manage and optimize at scale, and how the TRMS differs from and complements the LMS!

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Here are some of the questions that were discussed:

  1. How would you position training management in the learning technology ecosystem, and does it overlap with the LMS? 

From a Fosway perspective, the way we look at learning ecosystems is probably a little different to other organizations. We’ve been tracking the learning technology market for well over 20 years, and it’s never just been around an LMS and content or training admin system, for example. It’s always quite diverse and complicated, it’s an ecosystem. From a learning management perspective, the LMS has been a dominant part of that story for a long time. But in reality, LMSs in themselves have been an evolving entity. Many started managing just the e-learning side, then many started adding the instructor-led activities as well, and training admin tools as part of the ecosystem.

Now, more and more are becoming much more diverse and supporting more learning channels. So, we can talk about learning management system suites, a suite of tools managing modern learning activities in a general sense. But, within that, there are some areas of disruption. So, the way we look at training management is potentially a specialist area within it. It’s a general capability that a lot of the learning suites have, but it’s not an area of deep competence generally. That becomes very important when talking to big organizations who are spending lots of money on this activity, it’s very complicated to manage it, in a decentralized way anyway.

So, having a specialized tool within that makes a lot of sense. It also enables them to focus on multiple or disruptive agendas at once. They can focus on things like training optimization on one level, things like training experience and others, solving more than one problem. We see it all as being part of the learning tech ecosystem as a whole. We see this as being really relevant particularly for larger organizations. In terms of the training management specialization, how it fits into their broader ecosystem. Whether that’s through specialist components, or what. It’s a key component of the leading suites in the market. It needs to integrate into the ecosystem and needs to share data around learners, learner activity, and classes and sessions, etc. It’s a tightly integrated part of it, bringing specialist essential tools to the table that really enable you to manage and optimize at scale.

Another relevant piece is that in certain countries that are regulatory structures in place, which really focus on things like training, management, reporting, budgeting, and financial structures around it. So, in those environments, it takes a disproportionate importance as well because often it’s being used to provide the regulatory reports and structures to manage things like training spend in a way that is supplementary to what an organization would normally do.


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