LMS vs TMS: Transforming Training Operations with the Right Learning Technology

Whether you’re delivering classroom, virtual classroom, or hybrid training programs, chances are you’re struggling to manage your training scheduling and operations with spreadsheets and manual tasks – even if you have the best LMS! So, what’s the best way to build a learning tech stack that will tackle all of your challenges?

Join World of Work and Training Orchestra and explore the Learning Management System (LMS) vs Training Management System (TMS) to ensure you don’t mistake one for the other, especially when it comes to managing your in-person and virtual classroom training.

We’ll discuss:

• LMS and TMS, which technology for which challenges?
• Tips for automating and streamlining your in-person, vILT, and hybrid training operations including session scheduling, resource management, instructor collaboration, and reporting
• How one supermarket chain in NL is building an integrated learning tech stack for all its learning and classroom training needs

About the Hosts:

Training Orchestra
Training Orchestra is a training scheduling and management system to automate and optimize in-person, virtual, and hybrid training operations and maximize training revenue — helping organizations gain control over their training operations and, “Train More with Less!”

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