About this Roundtable

webinar replay hybrid training resource management with talented learning


  • John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning
  • Tynan Fischer, VP at United Training
  • Stephan Pineau, CEO at Training Orchestra

Before the pandemic, coordinating resources for virtual and in-person training was challenging enough. Then overnight, classrooms shifted online. Now as new hybrid training models emerge, the process of organizing and tracking resources has become more complex than ever.

Are you still struggling to get by with spreadsheets and email as your primary training coordination tools? How can a specialized solution help? Find out how to conquer these issues by joining us for this informative roundtable with industry experts.

You’ll learn:

  • How hybrid learning models are changing, and what that means for resource management
  • Which strategies work best when transforming training operations
  • How to integrate specialized resource management tools into your learning ecosystem
  • Steps for effective implementation and rollout
  • What kind of results to expect, and how to measure business impact

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Talented Learning
John Leh is CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning and the Talented Learning Center. A fiercely independent LMS selection consultant and industry commentator, blogger, podcaster and educator, John helps organizations develop and implement learning technology strategies – primarily for extended enterprise applications. His advice and insights are based on more than 25 years of learning technology industry experience, having served as a trusted LMS selection and sales advisor to hundreds of learning organizations with a total spend of more than $100 million.

Training Orchestra 
Training Orchestra is a training scheduling and management system to automate and optimize Instructor-Led Training (ILT & vILT) operations and maximizes training revenue — helping organizations gain control over their training operations and, “Train More with Less!”