About this Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion with Training Orchestra, Fosway Group, Dell EMC: Building a Learning Tech Ecosystem in a Hybrid World


  • Edward Bell, Director of Learning Technology for Dell Technologies
  • Fiona Leteney, Senior Analyst at Fosway Group
  • Stephan Pineau, CEO of Training Orchestra

Every organization has designed its learning tech stack because no one technology can meet all the needs of the learning team. But, driven by our new hybrid reality, managing the delivery of in-person and virtual instructor-led training (vILT) to both on-site and remote learners, requires us to build a learning ecosystem with solutions that can work together, address any learning modality, and optimize the way we work and learn.

Join Edward Bell, Director of Learning Technology for Dell EMC, Fiona Leteney, Senior Analyst at Fosway Group, and Stephan Pineau, CEO at Training Orchestra, to explore how organizations are adjusting their tech stack approach to build an interconnected learning tech ecosystem and drive future success in a hybrid world.

This Session Explores:

  • New trends in hybrid learning
  • How to build an interconnected and robust learning tech stack and how different learning technologies can complement, connect, and interact
  • What’s driving the complexity of hybrid training (vILT + classroom) and how best to manage it
  • What are the key success factors to building a learning ecosystem ready for tomorrow’s challenges?

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