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resource training orchestra demo webinar: reimagining your learning tech stack with a TMS

Join Training Orchestra for our demo webinar series, Training Operations: Unlocking the Power of a Training Management System! We’ll explore key use cases and features to help you unpack all that Training Orchestra’s Training Management System has to offer and how your team can transform many critical aspects of your ILT/vILT training scheduling, operations, and logistics.

Reimagine your learning technology stack! In this demo webinar, get tips for reimagining your learning tech stack and a close-up look at Training Orchestra’s Training Management System to find out:

  • How to break the silos and ease collaboration for ILT / vILT with a unified scheduling system
  • How to optimize resource use and streamline scheduling
  • How to better engage instructors and increase usage rates for your dedicated instructors
  • How to control costs and maximize revenues
  • How to make the most of your existing learning technologies through integration with a Training Management System

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Training Orchestra
Training Orchestra is a training scheduling and management system to automate and optimize Instructor-Led Training (ILT & vILT) operations and maximize training revenue — helping organizations gain control over their training operations and, “Train More with Less!”