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Hosted by Training Orchestra and Intrepid Learning

transforming training operations learning technology innovations to grow your business webinar on demand with training orchestra and intrepid

In our new digital reality, successful training leaders will direct the transformation of their entire business, front-end to back-office, by leveraging modern learning technologies, optimizing experiences, and creating new product lines that will accelerate growth. There is a big need to “do more with less.” And, with 90% of training businesses working in silos and managing ILT / vILT with multiple technologies, there has never been a better time to innovate!

Join Training Orchestra and Intrepid as we discuss how to get started on enhancing your digital portfolio and begin the transformation of your training business with the latest learning technologies.

In this webinar we’ll examine:

  • How to start the digital transformation of your front- and back-office
  • How to navigate the new world of blended learning
  • How to create collaboration, behavior change, and new revenue streams
  • How to optimize scheduling and resource use, control costs, and streamline operations for your vILT / ILT
  • All with the right learning technologies!

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Questions & Answers

Q: In Intrepid, can instructors upload content on their own? 

A: Yes, the instructors can upload content. It will also depend on how you design your course.

Q: How do you integrate Training Orchestra with the LMS? 

A: This is an important subject because when you’re building your learning tech stack, you need all of your vendors and technologies to communicate and work together. Therefore, we have more and more standard interfaces with multiple capabilities to connect through API or batch files. On both Training Orchestra and Intrepid’s side, not only are we both continuing to add integrations with LMSs, but there are ongoing initiatives with large consulting firms so that we can continue to bundle multiple technologies. As you juggle multiple tasks for your learning operations, you need the most efficient way to integrate with your LMS and other critical technologies.

About Your Hosts:

Training Orchestra
Training Orchestra is a training scheduling and management system to automate and optimize Instructor-Led Training (ILT & vILT) operations and maximizes training revenue — helping organizations gain control over their training operations and, “Train More with Less!”

Intrepid is the collaborative learning platform that empowers organizations to solve high-stakes business challenges through engaging and applied learning at scale.