Present State of Instructor-Led Training (ILT and vILT)

David Wilson, Founder and CEO, Fosway Group
An interview with
David Wilson
Founder and CEO
Fosway Group

Significant growth in the use of digital media, content, and learning activities seemingly points to the rise in eLearning and the decline of instructor-led training. But, is that really the case? The reality is, ILT and vILT are growing. One question remains the same, however, despite the many changes in learning over the past 20 years: How can we maximize the ability to impact learners in the most effective way?

Find out from David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, what his take is on the present state of Instructor-Led and virtual Instructor-Led Training. In his interview, David will discuss:

  • Why ILT / vILT has a critical role in the modern learning ecosystem
  • How to overcome barriers and get more impact from your ILT / vILT programs
  • How to better manage ILT / vILT with technology
  • How the Training Management System complements the LMS in the learning tech ecosystem
  • How to future proof your training budget


Watch the full interview with David Wilson of Fosway Group and find out where ILT & vILT is headed in the new today:

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