Leading global technology company masters hybrid training scheduling and instructor management

This leading American multinational technology company is a provider of personal computers, servers, smartphones, televisions, computer software, and more.

The Challenge

In this leading global technology organization, there are multiple training teams for over 83,000 employees. On top of this, the company needed to create training for customers, partners, and internal employees on all products and their implementation. Their training also encompasses the Proven Professional Program – the certification program for the technology stack.

Before the global pandemic, the organization’s training was delivered in person using instructor-led training (ILT). However, as the entire world switched to remote work overnight, they needed to pivot to virtual instructor-led training (vILT) to maintain training and compliance throughout the pandemic. Once travel restrictions were eased, they decided to adopt a new hybrid classroom model, combining the best of in-person and virtual training methods.

They also needed the ability to better track the utilization of instructors, the cost of hybrid training sessions, how training resources are used across the organization, and more, which went beyond the remit of their existing Learning Management System (LMS).

Working with Training Orchestra

This large global tech company’s large-scale, complex training program had outgrown their existing LMS, and they realized they needed a dedicated system to manage their ILT and vILT for their hybrid training program to reduce the amount of manual work needed to manage their training schedule. 

They needed to change the way they managed their L&D operations in terms of course scheduling and instructor assignments. They chose Training Orchestra as their Training Management Software choice because it allowed them to: 

  • Fully integrate the TMS with their existing LMS 
  • Introduce functionality not available within the LMS 
  • Identify trainers by skill, language, and other vital criteria, quickly and efficiently 
  • Gather data on instructors, including utilization rates 
  • Manage and have visibility over global training from a single centralized platform 
  • More effectively manage resources and trainers 

Unlike the customer’s LMS and Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Training Orchestra is a “back-office” platform, used exclusively by schedulers, trainers, and training managers to build training schedules and manage instructor time and resources. 

Training Orchestra is the perfect solution for the organization’s ambitious hybrid training plans, as it allows them to schedule a single event for both in-person and virtual training attendees, significantly reducing the administration required for training management. 

The Solution

This technology company had been considering a hybrid classroom model for several years to avoid excessive travel, which would have involved converting their traditional training into hybrid training for in-person and remote learners. The pandemic situation presented the perfect opportunity to design a hybrid training model that would work for their global learners. 

Instructors of hybrid programs needed not to be burdened with managing technology, ensuring they could focus solely on delivering great training. They needed to protect instructors’ time and focus while still making remote attendees feel involved in the session, without constantly distracting in-person learners with complicated equipment management. 

Much of their training needs to be completed in a hands-on environment – especially training on installations and technology configuration, such as how to cable a system. The customer also found that human interaction was a valuable element of their training, and certain clients preferred the personal nature of on-site training events. 

Hybrid Training Labs

Not all of the organization’s training requires in-person training, so vILT helps save time and travel costs for certain topics. They set up a series of labs in their training centers dedicated to hybrid training, using state-of-the-art camera and audio technology for a more immersive experience for virtual attendees. These labs are designed to be very user-friendly for instructors, who can start and stop broadcasting to their virtual audience at the touch of a button with no need for configuration or audiovisual setup. 

To help instructors focus on their training delivery, schedulers use Training Orchestra to select either multiple instructors to keep hybrid training sessions running smoothly or dedicated producers/video managers to take care of the technology and audiovisual elements. These additional roles are then automatically assigned to the session with no additional admin work. 


A major benefit of working with Training Orchestra is the ability of the global technology company to track their trainer utilization. With 155 instructors, they needed to track travel time and see where and how their trainers were being used. With Training Orchestra, this data is captured automatically within the tool and can be compiled into a report whenever it’s needed. They can now see data by country, language, topic, specific trainers, and more, helping them make smarter business decisions going forward. 

Training Orchestra fits seamlessly into the technology company’s complex technology stack. This is exactly what they were looking for, as they didn’t want another layer of complexity on top of their existing systems. The TMS makes it much easier for the company’s schedulers and trainers to manage ILT and vILT and integrates with the LMS and other systems for automated communication across the technology ecosystem. With Training Orchestra, this customer increased from 25% hybrid training to around 80% hybrid training, cementing its role at the heart of their training strategy. 

Future Plans

Next up, this technology company is looking at ways to further enhance its hybrid training labs with artificial intelligence (AI) or augmented reality (AR) to expand the range of activities it can host. They are also looking at introducing simulations to better support the hybrid working environment, such as allowing learners to “cable a system” on their tablets. 

In the future, they hope to rely on the data collected by Training Orchestra to better understand their trainer utilization rates, including the optimal utilization rate and recommendations for which trainer to assign to which session. 

Hybrid training provides them with the perfect compromise between hands-on, face-to-face ILT and the convenience, time, and cost savings of vILT, and the Training Orchestra TMS is the ideal platform for managing ILT and vILT in their future-proof hybrid training program. 

Ready to Boost Your Scheduling Efficiency?

This is just one prime example of how Training Orchestra was able to improve the way large companies scale their training operations’ scheduling and instructor assignment functions. Who knows, your company can be the next one!

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