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Welcome to this special edition podcast, where we delve into the future of training operations in the vibrant DACH market, Germany and beyond. I’m joined by learning industry experts, Sven Elbert, Senior Analyst at Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst, and Stephan Pineau, CEO at Training Orchestra, a leading global provider of training management software.

In this episode, we’ll explore the ever-evolving landscape of in-presence training, otherwise known as instructor-led training (ILT), its key role in the region’s learning ecosystem, and the technologies that streamline the often complex operations and processes that go along with it – including strategic approaches that are reshaping the future of Instructor-led training. Let’s dive in!

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Episode Details

2.1 Beyond Veranstaltungsmanagement: Training Operations Today & the Role of Learning Technology in the DACH Market (00:59)

Find out what you need to know about training operations today. And, clarify the confusion between learning technology suites and specialists, from employee training to extended enterprise learning.

2.2 Staying Relevant: The Evolution of In-Presence Training in DACH Countries (16:27)

Learn what’s happening with instructor-led and vILT training within DACH countries in this more difficult global economy.

2.3 A Winning Formula: Inside the Learning Technology Stack for the DACH Market (27:24)

Find out what technologies make up the learning tech stacks of DACH organizations – and how they compare to their international counterparts.

2.4 The TMS Advantage: Transforming Training Operations Management in the DACH Countries (35:12)

Dive deeper into how training management system (TMS) solutions solve for the challenges of managing training operations. And, hear the differences between the TMS and the LMS.

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