Transforming Training Operations: Conquering the Complexities of Classroom & Virtual Classroom Training

Classroom courses, whether in-person or virtual, have changed considerably in the last year, and managing them has become even more complex. From finding and scheduling the best available resources such as your trainers, classrooms, and equipment, to cost tracking and reporting, even organizations with the best LMSs are still managing these activities manually with spreadsheets—an increasingly impossible task in our new hybrid world.

Watch now and find out how to transform and modernize your training operations management. We’re discussing the latest trends in training and development for the German market, including how to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and logistics so you can train more with less — with technology designed specifically to automate and optimize classroom and virtual training operations.

Find out what can be done to conquer the complexities of classroom and virtual classroom training including!

• Trends in training and development in the German market for 2022
• How to automate and optimize session scheduling and resource management
• How to increase ROI and maximize your training investment
• A use case and demonstration of Training Management System Software by Training Orchestra


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